Viking Background - A New Start

I just masturbated myself. Last year, my porn addiction has led me to miss classes in order to do nothing. Hours on YouTube and and endless cycle of masturbation. This has fucked up my grades. I failed some courses on the first semester, and the last semester of 2019 I failed on everything.
I live in a bedsit during week and then I travel back to my parents home on the weekends. Every Sunday, my parents drive me to my bedsit, because I don’t know how to drive. Therefore, they sacrifice their time and health and money just to throw me in this horrible chamber of slavery.
In the end of the year, I started talking to a girl, and we started dating. I was blessed with her interest in me, because it forces me to be a better man and abandon porn. I should also mention that I am a Christian and reading the Escriptures, the Golpel and what Jesus has done for me has a major turning point for me. And with these changes in my live, my approximation with this girl and the Bible, I have been able to control relatively my addiction.
However, I’ve been praying to God and reading the book Living Above the Level of Medicrity and the Bible, and more and more I’ve heard about accountability and how having someone to tell and share your sins and ask for help is something extremely important and helpful for our life. So, these past couple days I have started to get back to study and to gather courage to tell this to my parents and my brother. Also, my girlfriend recently said to my that I was hiding something, and that was horrible. But I didn’t had enough courage. And all this pressure just let me to today. This cowardly feeling, this disgusting mind that at the minor of problems, went back to porn.
I need forgiveness and help.
I want to stop definitely.
What you guys think?


Shall we both join hands to become accountable?

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Yeah, lets do this! I don’t know how we would do this, but I’m on it

Shall we link through WhatsApp?

I wouldn’t like to mess with my whatsapp. Maybe Telegram, but I think that we can do here

Okay. Fine. Add me to your telegram.