Very Very Difficult

I started nofap from 25 December 2016.
Today is 25 March 2018. From my experience You will only benefit from it if you are on Hard Mode or Semen Retention. It means No wastage of Life Force (sperms) My longest streak was 31 days which was a semen retention thing. The longest i have gone away with Hard Mode is 30 days.
I must say The Nofap Journey is Very very hard & difficult. I have failed so many times. It beats the shit out of you.
I have a 11 years old addiction or habit. So i think thats why it is so hard to break from it. But i am trying again and again.
I am hopeful this time to break away from it and start living my dream life once again.
I have felt all the benefits during my journey so it gave me motivation to Try again and again.
I think one must not judge it in short time. Atleast go for more than a month of nofap streak to feel the benefits.


You are doing great @anon66785751 you are an inspiration to me. . There’s one more thing. I tried to participate in 100 days nf challenge. But nobody added me. Am i not allowed? I am Indian.

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I am facing similar issue, I want to add to the groups but not knowing how, can u please help me with this? @s3k1232

Actualy i am not running it . Ek Yodha is doing all the adding work.
You can add yourself.
Just copy and paste.

What is the difference between semen retention mode and hard mode.?

My addiction is way older than yours. I am 26 years old now. I have started gaping regularly when I was 12 years of age. When I was 16 years of age my frequency of Masturbation increased gradually and of late my highest streak of masturbation is around 10 times a day. Then at the age of 21 I came in contact with Vipassana Meditation technique ( which helped me get rid of my urges or craving for orgasms gradually. It helps you change your habit pattern. After all Masturbation is a habit and so is watching porn. Vipassana means seeing things as they really are. U feel the urge to look at it on bodily sensation level and stop reacting to it. And slowly you come out of the habit pattern of stroking your parts and releasing vital fluids.
I just sharedy my story. U r very inspirational.


In semen retention one can have sex.

Surely my longest streak I remember it to be 3 times a day and I can count such instances on my hand. What really concerns me about fapping is hair loss and how much time I waste on it,which can be used productively otherwise. But no denying that faping removes stress and uplifts the mood

And from my experience I can tell you that this is not true. I’m on “natural mode” (no porn, no masturbation, but sex and orgasms through sex are allowed) and things have definitely been going better for me.

I’m sure you yourself would reap MUCH more benefits if you dropped the whole semen retention thing and just went on natural mode too. Like how the fuck are you expecting to do this with a wife lol. Never ever orgasming again in your life is simply not a viable goal, even having sex but no orgasms for 90 days is super hard.

You’re shooting yourself in your own foot, time and time again. We’ve all seen it happen countless of times now. Drop that belief that sperm is a ‘life force’, begin with natural mode and you will start seeing improvements. You’re not getting anywhere this way man.


I also feel the same… Its his duty to give adequate sexual pleasure to his wife. Its morally wrong to deprive her of a basic need just because her husband wants to go hard mode.
Take it easy bro… Sex once or twice a week will not do any harm.

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It takes 24-48 hours to reproduce the semen… Which is the primary function of a male body. Nutrition will be used first for semen production and after that our muscles etc get that. You can reap the benefits by timing ur orgasm according to that.

That doesn’t apply to everyone. What about people rejected by women.?

What do you mean exactly? Why wouldn’t this apply to people getting rejected by women? Unless your goal is complete abstinence (planning on never ever having sex anymore for the rest of your life), there will probably be situations where you’re going to orgasm through some form of sexual intercourse. And I think this can be a completely healthy and fun experience for both,

Even if you’re having trouble in your dating life right now, just focus on improving as a person and having fun at living your life in general. You will find yourself in new situations, you will meet new people and you will get new opportunities in life.

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You don’t get it. He tries to highlight about what mode of NoFap for the men who are single.

He said “people rejected by women” so I though it was more about that, but okay. My opinion doesn’t change for people who are single and do get women. Though I do think there is a border somewhere between what’s normal for casual sex and what’s not.

Sex = Normal/common people
Nosex = Legend/genius/god


I agree with resurgent, for those who can do it, I advice try NoSex mode, I hit 21 days once and then did super idiotic thing , I thought “wait a minute, no urges? Maybe my erection has broken? Must check…” but the powers were real, mind clear, body light, much less anxiety, better stamina, motivation, I cannot imagine what happens after holding it for 90’days, not even thinking of 300!

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Yes, you are right.
I was on bed sick and bent ( no life in me )
After 21 days of Hard Mode i started running like a Horse and social skills were like to the zenith.
So much positive energy moving upwards and rising so high in my life.
I was shining back then like a star.