Very bad August for me

4 relapse in 15 days.very disappointed.actually i am unable to control stress its turns in pmo.this month is not good for me .very stressfull month.Give me solution

What stresses you out?

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Job stress and i am very thin so people passes joke.feel stressed when deal with people.

Can anyone tell me 90 days no faf benifits and experiences?

Simply life changes. I am not saying Everything will be fine and love will be in air. But you will increase confidence and self respect . You will not feel pathetic anymore.Your way to observe changes. It is great.But problem will remain same sometimes you will feel problems are not gone rather increasing but remember that time why you doing this .
Also don’t think 90 days as benchmark. Make nofap as lifestyle . Everyday is nofap day. And soon you will be back on track. All the best brother.
Never give up.fight bqck


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