Version 2.17.1 Released

Changes :

  • Added functionality in statistics
  • Fixed bugs and crashes
  • Added Bulgarian and Serbian translations,
  • Updated existing translations

What doesn’t work in this build?

  • Reminders section. (Rebuilding from scratch)

Update will be slowly rolled out to everyone in the next 48 hours


New build @android_tester


Also, is it possible for the statistics showing to be based off the last time bracket you were viewing when you left? So if you were looking at 1 year and you left the app and came back that it would come back to 1 year again instead of 1 month?

It is just a suggestion, could be a poor one but putting it out there :slight_smile:


yes. Thought it would maybe be a fancy little addition to this chart

:joy: you see, I love averages


Auto upper case on new sentences in the journal?



Try using a different keyword. Auto uppercase works.

Text overlap beneath the chart.

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I had to reset my phone so I took a backup and installed the app again and then I restored. But only one journal is restored and my streaks are gone plus a streak of 71 days is being shown which I am yet to achieve. Look into it.

Moreover, in one month view it is showing a Days/Relapse of infinity.

Clear app data, Restore from the old backup again, then restart the device.

Can the ‘swipe down to refresh’ feature (same as message board) be added to the forum section? It would be more convenient than selecting home option from drop down menu to do the same.

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I found a bug. While scrolling down the screen starts to flash repeatedly sometimes.

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Yes I am aware of it. For now, just scroll quickly and it won’t happen.

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