Version 2.16.2 Released

Hello companions!
The new version of Rewire Companion is slowly being rolled out.

Changes :

  • Updated core UI components
  • Updated to latest available translations
  • Fixed crash when adding widget
  • Fixed views getting unloaded
  • Improved performance
  • Fixed misc bugs and crashes
  • Updated existing translations

Thanks to the Beta testers for their detailed and quick feedback.
If you wanna join beta program, details are here.

Thanks to the community translators for contributing their time and effort to make the app accessible to everyone.


Colours are quite vibrant and this looks like modded Rewire.
I updated the app today 3 times.
And last time I updated and opened it.
It flashed change log with
Change app icon ???
But there isn’t any change

App icon is now darker

My bad

The home screen has still the lighter version

But inside has the actual icon

Looks like a launcher issue, try restarting your device.

Aie Aie Captain !!!

@Taher I’m eagerly waiting for the statistics and calendar. Sorry for sounding pushy.


the new UI looks quite vibrant.

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Next update will have it :smiley:


maybe version with forum groops which update aotomatic according to the share code

I dug the new version and its colors! :slight_smile:


When there is a topic opened in the community tab and I navigate to the home tab from bottom menu and when I come back to the topic page, the back button is exiting the app altogether…

Topic page -> Home screen -> back to topic page -> press back and it exits the app