Version 2.15.5 Released

Hello companions!
The new version of Rewire Companion is slowly being rolled out.

Changes :

  • Removed navigation drawer in favour of bottom navigation and tabs. Things are much easier to access. Max 1 tap and 1 swipe away. Most importantly visible, things are less “hidden” now.
  • Updated core UI components
  • Updated to latest available translations
  • Fixed crashes
  • Various little UI improvements all around the app.
  • Ability to upload images on forum
  • Pressing back on the forum doesn’t close the app
  • Badges icon changed, now colors corresponds to ranks.
  • Added option to see your posts in community section.
  • Removed lots of old code and third party libs.

Thanks to the Beta testers for their detailed and quick feedback.
If you wanna join beta program, details are here.

Thanks to the community translators for contributing their time and effort to make the app accessible to everyone.


the new interface is awesome.


This is great! I’m lovin’ it :clap::+1:


Please bring back “statistics” soon. I like looking at my calendar history. Those red dots keep me alarmed. :grin:


hi :slight_smile: thanks for The New version. Besides the post above I noticed a few more things
I can not see what I am writting because of the adds.
The replay buttton and the posts counter are almost on Tthe same lvl so it is hard to choose the right one.
When I am typing the post and press the back button it is cousing that the topic is back to the listg of topics. I do not know nhow the rest of nofappers but in my opinion that would be good if choosing back button make me back to the current topic and makes my post hidde. :wink:
Thanks a lot for your job :grinning:


New here and searching for my sharing ode. Please assist.

From your home screen navigate on the right to my companions now press the button with three dots on bottom right of the screen, now press my sharing code to see your code