Version 2.13 Released

Hello companions,
The new version of NF Companion is out!

• Added sorting option in My Companions screen
• Various little bug fixes

Sorting in action :

If you notice any bugs or crashes or have any suggestion feel free to reply to this topic.


Sir, i am trying to stay away from any sexual content, currently i am on day 1 so you can understand .
When i open your app, there is continous ads dialogue in bottom. There a girl was dancing eroticaly showing her belly . It was cheez video maker ad. So plz shut them off.

Removed them from the network

Great job. You are a great man @Taher


I also like the “who is online” in the forum. I always thought that it would be nice to know at least how many members are online.


amazing work, @Taher! Geez, I’m really proud to be part of this community.

I’m already using the Sort feature.

Now that @kamafeo has started that legendary NoFap Olympic Games thread, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea if we start devising on how to make that kind of an in-app feature :thinking:

By now, it would be nice to have some demographic insights about the community… how many are we, from which countries? Please tell us, @Taher :slight_smile:

I already have an idea in mind. But currently are other things on priority, I’ll come to it soon I hope.


Sure! First things first.

Great chart! these are the app downloaders, regardless of signing up to the forum, right?
Thanks :slight_smile:

These are the active app users.

And what would be the criterion of “active”?

Used the app once in past 30 days

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