Varicocele Treatment

Hey there I have been diagnosed with grade I/II Varicocele after some pain in testis. I’m just 24 year old and this type of problem give me a huge stress :pleading_face::pleading_face: it’s really annoying guys my left testis hangs lower than my right testis. It’s highly uncomfortable to ride a bike :worried: and I’ve to ride bike daily for going to my workplace. Somebody help me to cure this problem :persevere::persevere: I’m so stressed and hopeless when I thought my sex life :pensive: what will happen during sex ? Does it hurt or affect my sex performance :disappointed: will I satisfy my wife :sob::sob::sob:


Varicocele is like a blockage in a vein in testicles, and develops slowly, causing one of the testes to look bigger than the other.

Its actually common in the age group 15-25, and usually goes away without any treatment though the cause is unknown. If you have grade I/II, then it should be minor, so don’t stress about it but do visit a doctor.

Try not wearing tight undergarments, and avoid sleeping and sitting in such a way that there is not too much pressure in the groin region. Prefer taking warm showers and do cardio workout regularly.

If your symptoms are too painful and interfering with your fertility, then you should go to a doctor and get a laparoscopic surgery. It will easily cure your problem.


Bro uska operation hota doctor ne btaya hoga aapko. Aur itna na overthink mat karo. @17ripu.jhala

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Tbh the left testes always hangs lower than the right one , it’s a well known medical fact. Vericocele can be treated by an operation , however , you should consult your doctor regarding what treatment plan is best suitable to you. Furthermore, This place is not a place for asking medical advice. We are no professionals here. Kindly consult medical professionals before your testis reaches a gigantic size .


Is it true :worried: well these days I have no pain but got little bit hanging whenever I ride bike on rough roads :persevere::persevere:
I’ve seen 80% improvement in my problem but I think it needs time :pleading_face::pleading_face: I’m scared that it will pain again whenever I sex with my wife :disappointed_relieved: ( I’m single and never engaged in any sexual activity)

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Bhai Dr :man_health_worker: ne kha h ki ye koi bdi problem nhi h tension mt le aur mene Jb doctor ko surgery ke bare me pucha to unhone kha ki surgery mt karwana aur ye koi surgery jesi problem nhi h mujhe supporter phnne ka bola h sirf

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Yeah ! I know this is not the place to ask such medical questions but I just curious that it’s only me or anybody here with same problem as I think it’s due to my masturbation habit :persevere::persevere::persevere:

Damnn thats great :+1::+1: but I think you should consider taking a break from riding bike for a while

I don’t think you’ll experience any pain :sweat_smile::pray: you should try to avoid triggering thoughts as they can lead to relapses


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