Using sex to rewire?

So I started nofap a little while ago, I think about 3 months by now. My current streak as of right now is 18 days, with my highest being 20 since beginning. I have never been able to get to 21 days before, but this streak is feeling promising.

All throughout this time, I have had a wonderfully supportive and understanding girlfriend, even through the multiple relapses. Unless I relapse, I never watch porn or masturbate by myself. My girlfriend and I do have regular sex, however.

Now, I know this is technically O of the whole PMO thing, but I feel like having that connection and experience with the person I most care about is really helping to combat the way I’ve learned to think from years of watching porn.

Surely this is helping to rewire my brain to what sex is actually like, and to forget porn? Or is it doing me more harm then good? Just looking for some advice. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


if you ask me, you’re doing everything right. that’s the way to go :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice! My code is b0327d, if you have any interest in tracking my journey! :yum:

I think this is pretty nice…
Just take care with the chase effect, that make many relapse. But I don’t think you have problems with that.
Imo, if you aren’t experiencing DE nor ED, and you feel no impulse to watch porn or fap, you’re mostly cured… Well, we’re never actually cured, but you regained your freedom.

Congratulations, and keep your wits about it :basketball_man::muscle::v::+1:

Thank you so much. I was not aware of the chaser effect, and explains a lot of my previous relapses. I shall be sure to be aware of it. As for DE and ED, I still sometimes experience very mild symptoms of both, but not nearly to the extent that I did when I was first starting. I figure that these will get better with time, provided of course I don’t relapse within that time.


No porn and masterbadtion but having sex with spose or gf absolutely fine. We are not here to become saint. Sex is natural when done with loved one


Sex is not a human need so sex with your gf is a benefit in your relationship.

If you can honestly say that you could wait a month for real sex and not do anything during that month then the sex itself isn’t hurting you.

Avoiding pornography and educating yourself about it will change your perception of sex.

IMO if you experience urges less and less often then you are rewiring so consider real sex is either helping you or hurting you based on your nofap progress.

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Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it! :blush:

Thanks for the advice. There were the initial urges of course, but at this point, I feel like I do genuinely enjoy sex more as an emotional experience than just the act itself.

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Hey man,
I’m in a similar circunstance. Actually, in my case real sex was the definitive cure for my PMO addiction.
I believe that long streaks for over 4 years helped me to restart sexual activity without PiED, DE or chaser effect. I’ve had similar problems before but not now.
Also, long abstinence periods seems to make the addiction harder to Beat since the only reference you’re getting is PMO.
In short, keep It that way!

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Makes sense. Glad to hear you’re over it now though, gives us hope for the rest of us! :yum: