Using Prostitute

Im in a day 37, the urge is coming, should I just use prostitute than risking going to porn and masturbate?

No. Channel the energy to something productive or enriching. Try to go out and actually get girls bro, talking with them, trying to flirt, courting them. Prostitution is just as bad as an escape as PMO. If you’re in a condition to get a prostitute then you are in a condition to become a better person, polish your skills and actually attract real girls.


You’ve gone quite a long streak now.
Don’t give in to temptations.


Risking STD or PMO…
Man just don’t do any of those thing. Put that energy into working out and improving yourself


First of all try to understand this, using prostitute is just a next level of M, there won’t be any love it’ll be like sex but in real you just did M with a living object. So it’ll still be considered relapse and you will feel the exact same regret once you do M.


In my opinion exercise therapy is the best therapy for neurological disorders (not implying that you have one)
It can reduce the addiction, control ADHD, OCD and so on. As you can see, porn and sex addiction consist of these symptoms more or less. (OCD to check your phone, ADHD because we keep thinking about sex so no focus on other activities and so on…)
Thus you should work out, not only it will give you a great amount of (natural) dopamine, serotonin etc. It will also improve your health. Exercise is a boon.
So you can do it. I just finished my workout session. It doesn’t have to be upto the mark, do as much as you can do.(make sure you are tired enough)
Thus it will help


Wow, u are right on that I have ADHD, ADD to be precise… ok I will go to the gym today

Sex addiction is the second worse addiction than PM

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