Using Masterbation to cope with my problems

I just relapsed and also realized that I use masterbation to cope with my personal problems.

From my first fap in February 2020 to present day, I have been using masterbation to cope with the pandemic, with my loneliness, and with my limited lifestyle.

Being a servant to my Dad because he suffers from so many medical problems, is a situation that no human should have to endure. Yet, it is my lifestyle and that lifestyle keeps me single.

I believe that I will remain single because of this lifestyle I have and I don’t blame women for wanting to avoid it.

So, basically what I am saying is that my life which can not change, keeps me lonely, single, and limits me to using masterbation to Google Images as a way to cope.

Also I have a lot of stress if that wasn’t clear.

My question for the public is:

What can I do besides masterbation

To cope with my problems?


Start to change the lifestyle abit, start to meditate, excercise and have cold showers they will help. Its good to see you caught your addiction early, my addiction started in 2020 and I caught it early.

fhey mate :wink:

first of all read the easy peasy way xD and try to comprehend that PMO actually adds to your stress and discomfort it does not calm you down… so the sooner you see that PMO is actually a cause for your feelings of discontent the easier it wil be for you to embrace your current situation and see benefits in it or try to improve it.

currntly you might lack the energy to do “productive” stuff you could focus on getting rest and instead of PMO like @anon44754080 suggested meditte instead. or jsut sleep, shower, etc etc… also you might need sth to stimulate yourself… sth new every day… maybe try alanguage app like duolino or sth creative like orgiami that is easy to learn and gives you a sense of acheivement.

also keep up posting :wink:
your life will get better the more aware you get!
great insight!

Hey brother I can understand how you feel cause what you just said is how I felt when my mom passed away

It’s almost a year now I have to take care of my dad who is bed ridden and aged

Yes it’s true it’s not a good place to be in definitely not for you and also for your dad and no this situation will not magically disappear or ull start feeling happy in this situation

But know this masturbation will just make it so much more worst

masturbation tends to make u feel hopeless ull keep thinking

why is this my lifestyle,

if it was not like this I would have been happy,

If this was not the case I might have had confidence to talk to girls

And. To cope with these negetive feelings you’ll masturbate

Believe me this is just your masturbation hijaked brain giving you unwanted excuses

and the reason why we masturbate in such cases is cause we feel sad about our situation

And we masturbate to feel good for sometime

But because of the mastbation our brain doesn’t give optimum solution instead gives us these reasons of hopelessness and the cycle continues and we are stuck it this stupid cycle

I am not saying once you quit masturbation ull automatically start being happy no

Life will always be a struggle

But After nofap instead of feeling sad and stuck you’ll accept your struggle

ull feel ok about your situation and try to figure out a solution the best possible way to survive

This achivement Of shifting your mindset from "why is this the situation "to the mindset “ok so this is the problem let’s figure out what best can be done”

This feeling of achivement will make your confidence grow and this positive mindshift will slowly affect other aspects of your life

Cause when a girl looks at a guy handling his shit there is a definite possibility she will consider him but when a girl sees a man crushed under his circumstances she will definitely not want to be a part of it cause she sees a bleek future with such a person and would you blame her ?

Look everyone has problems

it’s not about not having problems that’s not possible

it’s about how you handle them that is what makes a difference

so you might think because of this lifestyle no girl is there

But actually It’s because how you handle the problems is not correct and affecting your vibe

it’s is definitely possible to have a girl even if you have a ill father to look after

Ask any decent girl she will love a guy who takes care of his ill father and also handles his other aspects of life manges the stress well that my friend is a partner any girl would want knowing yes he can handle this so he can also handle the future problems that will come on them

so change your mindset

Start by researchering what can be done
To stop this and how to cope with the withdrawals

Like this there are tones of books blogs YouTube channels it’s never to late to start

Your brother in this situation take care


Great answer by @totto_rewire . Situation isn’t the problem. Your mindset is the problem. Your way of thinking is the problem.


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