Usage of Alcohol and Other Beverages

Hi guys

What is your take on alcohol and other stimulants like tea and coffee with regards to no fap. Have you ever noticed any relation with fapping and it’s usage?

I don’t consume any caffeine or sugar and I find it easy to do NoFap so maybe there is a link there.

Caffeine would indirectly affect it at least by negatively impacting your body and leaving you more vulnerable to big highs and big lows. And we all know we can feel invincible one day and all it takes is that big low to lose our will and give in. I don’t consume caffeine so I don’t experience big lows and I think that is a bit of the secret to my success (by success I mean how comfortable my NoFap journey is).

I drank alcohol yesterday (first time in several months) and I do feel more vulnerable and weak today and if something really bad happened maybe I could fap so I think it’s the same for alcohol (probably worse) where you can get a big low after (alcohol IS a depressant) and that leaves you on thin ice and you never know what might happen in that day to break that ice.

Hope this helps!

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For me, I typically drink coffee when I’m tried or stressed. So, I definitely tend to relapse more when I’m drinking coffee. But I guess it is more that stress triggers coffee and porn rather then coffee triggers porn.

When I drink alcohol I typically feel bad on the next day. When I feel bad my body wants to do anything to feel good again. -> I watch porn to negate the negative effect of alcohol.

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I don’t drink any coffee because it makes me have intense panic attacks. It’s really weird because I already have anxiety but I almost never have panic attacks, coffee pushes me over the edge. I wish I could drink coffee cause I love the taste and smell but I have learned the hard way that it isn’t for me.

I used to drink a lot of alcohol as a form of escapism and as way to boost my confidence, now I pretty much never drink. I certainly never get drunk, but the cool thing is it only takes 1 or 2 drinks to get tipsy. I have a rule that I won’t have more than 3 drinks but I’m even careful on the third cause that’s when I start to lose control. Also I try to avoid spirits and just drink beer, I do miss scotch and whisky but they are too potent. Maybe I should try red wine I hear that’s good for you.

To summarise I think coffee is really dangerous for relapse if you have lots of stress and anxiety problems, as porn addicts we are vulnerable to other addictions and alcohol is a very dangerous method of escaping your problems.

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