Urgessss helppppp meeeeeee

Guyss plss help
I m at 97th day
I m getting extreme urges
You understand meaning of extreme??
Like i m getting urge to masturbate every minute
Plss helpp
I don’t want to break my streak but it’s getting over my head plsss plsss help
My mind is craving for that old pleasure it’s saying to me like just for one time do it just once plsss plss help mee​:sob::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


You are on the right road brother. You are curing.
Read Easypeasy book bro. It surely helps. The book has just 100 pages.

Get up and go to your terrace. Just do it!

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I posted this somewhere else, I am modifying this a bit to suit your issue, and I hope this will help…

This is generally a tactic our brain uses when it wants us to do what it wants. It creates some issue in our daily life and without listening to it, it makes you suffer. Extreme constant urges in your case, happened to me too when I quit cigs, it was a sentence of “smoke a cigarette” playing constantly as a loop in my head, for so so long… Its exhausting, I understand bro.

It doesn’t matter whichever addiction it is, people have experienced what you are experiencing… So its totally normal.

It can be any issue your brain is putting on you to relapse…
First tell to your head, it should listen to you and not vice versa.
Secondly, tell it to your head, even if you are telling me to fap for the next whole month, I will still not fap… Believe it strongly, tell it strongly, even follow it if u have to and your head will loose the hold it has on you… This wont be permanent… It troubles you for a while and leaves you alone when it figures out that you wont listen to it…

As urges are increasing, make sure your desire to reach your milestone is increasing too… Just practice visualization, imagine yourself without the addiction and how happy your life will be… that wil give you the motivation required to wait for your life to change.