Urges while studying

I have uncontrollable urges while studying & concentrating on my studies. It’s like ‘fuck, all my body is on fire’. I use porn as a quick release. I am afraid that I’m already addicted. I’m in ldr & now my phone sex doesn’t turn on me much like before. I don’t get wet by them & I need porn. Any help?

Do planks and pushups … and run 30meter in 2 rounds… As fast as you can… It’s the way to distract sexual energy

Well, I do push ups, squats & everything.but damn, they make me dripping wet sometimes!! I even researched about it!

It’s frustrating as hell! I sometimes can’t concentrate on my classes! I can’t believe I have this much of a drive!

I am having the same urges these days, I have noticed that its happening ,mostly during the exam days. Deep breaths for a couple of minutes sometimes work for me or just quickly moving out of your room works*


When you get the urge to watch porn while studying, take timeout for 10 minutes. Make yourself a tea and sit to study again… Don’t give space to any kind of urge. After completion of your study you can end it by watching any motivational video…

Good luck. :smiley:


If you are addicted to porn avoid eletronic devices if you r addicted to masturbation dont ever touch private parts that’s how I go for longer streaks