Urges that last for days

I’m having a really really bad time with urges, they’re killing me for past few days.

And I’m working out, meditating, taking cold showers,…

I’m on day 91 and this are the hardest days regarding this streak, I’m thinking about relapsing every hour… But I can’t, there is too much at stake… I need any tips, like anything because I can’t focus on my studies, programming, my workouts,…


Hey buddy! Rather than treating the symptoms like urges… Treat the root cause … That is the addiction …

Here are some Affirmations you can try saying to yourself … They are from Easy Peasy Book…

• I’m free from the slavery of porn.
• It’s easy to ignore my thoughts about porn.
• Bye bye thoughts, bye bye urges. Oh, there goes my cravings.
• I focus my subconscious mind to overcome porn addiction.
• Porn steals my time, energy and vitality.
• Beating porn gets exponentially easier day by day and in every aspect.
• I enjoy and value my porn-free, strong, happy, light and easy lifestyle.
• If I look back and think about my progress, it gives me great joy and pride in myself.
• Every time I see other porn users I get more motivated to see myself break that chain.
• All that pent up energy is healing my body and mind. Then, I can do more productive and challenging work towards my values and goals.
• My brain is getting back in correct shape, getting exercised by me not doing what I was previously doing.
• Now all that pent up willpower is being utilised to handle lightweight stresses and strains of life.
• Great, I’m free and no longer a slave!

I am sure once you believe in yourself and say this affirmations with the utmost truth in mind and spirit …you will not face troubles with urges…

Your urges are just withdrawal pangs for dopamine …NOTHING ELSE!! You are FREE FROM PMO!!!


Congrats for 90 days, just do what you did at day 1, i guess. Just say NO.


First off all thank you so much for that message, I’ll incorporate this into my mindset.

I already believe that with all my heart, I really do, it’s a lifestyle else I wouldn’t be here. It’s just my mind want that dopamine hits… Do you know any natural ways to get a healthy dopamine kick? Because I can’t drink soda or eat unhealthy food because I consider myself as an athlete… I don’t use social media and watch TV because I’m practising dopamine detox aswell… Only thing that gives me a little bit of dopamine is listening to an old music or playing guitar… But it’s been really hard… really really hard. But I’ll hold on. I have to… It’s just, it’s eating me inside, and I used to talk to Tagore (if you know him) when urges hit me or him and we just talked it through, but he’s offline now and I’m dealing with this by myself and it’s just… eh… It’ll pass right?


Thank you. That message got me thinking. Why I started all this. Thank you. I’ll say NO. That’s the only way. To fight back.

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My power & wishes upon you.

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@edistoretto returning to porn is not an option. It only make things worse. You have to remind yourself for what reason you started and how you suffered when it was few hours after relapse. Be strong bro.

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Pray to Jehovah for help dear fighter. He give power BEYOND what is Normal


Natural Dopamine booster :-

  1. Do chores in the house
  2. Take a walk around the neighbourhood
  3. Listen to songs
  4. Talk to your family members
  5. Make your bed
  6. Learn something new
  7. Being Appreciated
  8. Creating something you are proud of …

Hope this list helps you!

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Bro you know i relapsed after 100 days … You know tagore relapsed after 112 days… What you learned?? 90 to 120 days ----very difficult days… So keep going… Before 90 days, that relapse was the last relapse of your life… Once you completed 120 days you will do easily…
And yes dont worry study is not important in this 30 days… This is an excuse of your mind. After somedays you can easily study 10 hrs per day…


The key to not slipping is not counting in thr first place …YOU JUST DECIDE you are FREE, make an oath to never come back no matter what …

Rest all …streaks, reboot, urges etc are illusion - make believe shit

Use easypeasy method! That’s all

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Thank you so so much:)

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Thank you brother, I really needed this. I’ll hold on. I’ll have to. I promise I won’t let you all down.

Thanks to everybody again, I can’t express enough, how this whole community helped me.


And remember :pray: i am crying due to chaser effect… It hurts me always… So i cant see you will cry like me… So bro please only look forward…
You know atleast 1 month required to control chaser effect… And its very dangerous… And in this period i relapsed [3 TIMES IN 3 MINUTES. ]


I will brother, I’ll keep pushing through, I have to. I can’t forget I’m doing this for myself and myself only. I won’t break.

Are you still in chaser? For how long? Talk to me in PM, we’ll talk it through.


Update : if you hold on, it gets easier:) day 97:)

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