Urges killer - what work for you?

My urges killer.
What given me power?

Confession - given me 14 days streak

Financial punishment (100$ for charity for every single PMO and one big 2000$ if my streak (after first 10 days) will be broken) - 34 days

What work for you?

Add yours urges killer!


Hello there! I think this is a unique idea, and I’ve only seen a few other people use this and actually go through with it so keep me posted on that. I’ve just recently gotten my highest streak since I’ve started. I’m currently at 18 days and counting. Whenever I even feel the slightest urge to fap I automatically tell myself that this is not a part of my relationship anymore meaning that my relationship with my wife will have more meaning whenever I get married. I’m only 15, but you get the point. Other than that I think about what fapping looks like and not the feeling. I will then notice how stupid and disgusting it looks. And then it doesn’t bother me anymore. I also decided that pornography is pure evil. I don’t know why it took me so long to accept this, but it finally hit me. And now I’ll never go back.


Urge Killer that works for me:

Deep breaths and focusing on some new thought voluntarily
Drinking glass of water
Turning off screen and not stay alone… Go talk to parents/brother/anyone/ go outside home for a walk
Little exercise

I take cold shower in morning and it works for the whole day. Putting cold water directly on testis helps too.


Good stuff! I’ve tried getting used to cold showers, but never follow through with it so good job with following through with those. Also yes that’s a great idea to turn off the phone. I’ve told people that post a please help me post to just turn it off.

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There is a technique to cold shower… Don’t rush in… First wash your lower half… Your privates and legs… Then your shoulders, then the head and then step in putting water on chest and head alternating between them.
The body adjusts to cold by this with less resistance.

That’s a good tip :+1:

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