URGES IN MIND any suggestions

I replapsed after 4 days
It’s like my mind is bending towards urges many times in a day
Anyone can tell me how to control or equilize the urges


Welcome to the community. I suggest you to read about reboot to gain determination. Knowledge is the key, when you have enough it will be easier to fight urges when you are determined about rebooting. You can read some succes stories and diaries, it will motivate you.

About the urges, the first thing to know is that sexual fantasies are bad for your recovery. They slow down the progress and lead you to relapse. You have to treat them as a fire. When they appear they are smaller and easy to cut, but the longer they stay, the stromger they get. If you are not into mindfullnes it will be hard for you to cut them, so you need another method.

You can use phisical methods: They consist on changing your phisical enviroment or condition so you don’t get the urge. From push-ups to cold showers. Taking a walk outside home is great.

But you won’t always be able to do those things because of family, friends, etc. So you need to train your mind so you control your emotions (they have an important role on urges). You can start a diary here on the forum and daily note your urges, emotions, general state… By doing so you will keep track of your progress and understand what is making you to relapse, where you do it, when are you more susceptible to fall…

When you have the knowledge about you, you can start to change your routine to avoid your triggers (those things that make you susceptible to relapse, like emotions, places, objects…). This will make easier you to reboot successfully.

Do sport, live healthy (don’t sit for to long, don’t sleep to late), read about reboot every day and try to meditate. You will see improvement soon. I hope this info helped you! Keep going!

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Thanks for the information

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The equation of urges is :- the more you think of it, more are your chances of fapping.

With every increasing second of your thought of your urge, you will bend in front of your urge like a slave.

One of the solution is, as soon as you are hit by an urge, do something different,and if possible do it in public.(talk to your mom-dad, think of the food you like,read success stories of people over here, also this time is the best to complete pending study/tasks/work)

Just get distracted away from that thought as soon as possible buddy!