Urges coming i need help

Hello brother’s , i feel the urges right now, maybe because im stressed and bored. Anyone wants to chat or share advice and experience here?
I feel the urges and so far i surf on it, but idk how long i can surf with it

If u get the urges, just think why you started this and what will you gain if you just conquer that one dat, don’t think about big number of days like 90,150 or 365 days and so on, simply just think for that one day when you get the urges and try to conquer only that one day.
Possible solutions:
Close your eyes and just observe the sensations without reacting to it.
Go outside of your bedroom/home and take a walk or be with someone.
Start taking the name of god.
And finally just say to yourself that “it’s nothing just a testing time, i will pass this test today amd i will be fine tomorrow”.
Hope this helps.

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