Urges are started to control me

I am facing lot of struggles in nofap . My longest streak itself 10 only . I am regular masterbater but i controlled in a while but again now i cant control urges my mind always saying that there nothing more you need and you can enjoy your life because it is your life … what can i do now…


Brother don’t relapse… Today i relapsed after 10 days streak… Its really not worth it… Those 10 days r far more beautiful than these few moments of pleasure… I made that mistake nd now I’m repenting… U don’t make d same mistake…


Check this post…


Thank you, but i relapsed this time ,but this time i am not going to make it happen again…thanks for your words


Thankyou for your words it really helps me alot but i relapsed yesterday but this time i am not going to make it again

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