[urgent] my blue balls

I’m about to complete my day 6 and now I have blue balls and it’s aching like hell, it’s mid night 1.30 in India and I couldn’t sleep… anyone please let me know how to handle this situation.

BTW I tried putting ice pack on my balls it’s not working. Googled it most of the article suggest to masturbate but I don’t wanna lose. But it’s paining like hell and my hands are started shaking now.

Please help me

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You’re strong enough to withstand this. The feeling will go away probably overnight. Whatever you do do not even think of pmo as an option.

I say just try to fall asleep and try to focus on other things.

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@Sacred Thanks, I continue to put ice. Now I feel less painful, guess I’ll continue doing this.

But is this normal?

I use to masturbate a lot and stopped suddenly.

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Very normal bro don’t worry about it. I’ve gotten this too especially after relapsing a lot. It goes away overnight

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Thank you so much, I controlled anyway and slep now in the morning it’s gone :hugs:


When it happens again, Drink lots of water and piss, repeat atleast 2-3 times. It reduces the pain and you will be fine in no time.

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