Urgent help required!

Feeling urges. Second day in the journey! It’s getting difficult. I don’t know what to do? Urgent help required.


Get up from your comfort zone and leave your phone right now!

Do pushups till you can’t feel your arms anymore
Take a cold shower or change clothes
Don’t stay alone
Do not stay bored
And do not fap!!!


I have never tried the push as a coping mechanism when the urges come again I’ll try it


The most important thing is to be with someone. We as fapstronauts not only fight with lust but also with immorality. To be moral means to behave the same way when in public and when being alone. Now, you wouldn’t masturbate while being with anyone in the same room, would you? Especially if it was someone you love. So, if you have the opportunity, when the urges come, stay in a room with a family member, friend, roommate or whoever. It is also an opportunity to spend more time with people close to you, so it is a win-win.

There are places where we have to be alone, like for example in the bathroom. In that case you have to leave all the company you have outside, your phone included. Your phone is a huge source of urges.

I am currently at my best streak of 81 days and the main reason I got this far is because I let go of my biggest trigger - instagram. Find out what’s your nemesis and get rid of it, that’s your mission.

You may be new to nofap and you will relapse a lot as all of us did. Fear a relapse and try to avoid it but never punish yourself for it. Instead use the post-nut clarity to analize what went wrong and how to avoid repeating the same mistake.

Lastly, never give up. When defeated, make sure to come back. Because believe me, you will come back stronger.

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