Urgent ! guys please advise


Guys please help, so I’m at day 295 and I made out with my gf, 1st time in this nofap period, I was hard the entire time,but since the beginning and it’s still now there’s heavy pain above my dick and below my stomach. Is this normal ?

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Blue balls. Give it two hours and you will be fine.

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Hey man it’s true… Blue balls are very inconvenient and even painful. I have found that for me only after a night’s sleep they stop hurting… others say that cold baths, exercise or anything that gets their heart rate up helps them relieve the pressure. But, please, dont fap. It will go away! Enjoy the time with your girlfriend :wink:


Take some very cold ice and place it near your ballss…haha.
Its very normal.Dont fap man


Thank you guys, I didn’t fapped, I had no idea wtf was going on. I just came home and slept and rn it’s fine.


I had thousands of erections without orgasm, but there was no pain or discomfort. Certainly, it is caused due to something else.


It is not just having an erection. When you have a prolonged erection while fondling with a partner, then it is equivalent to edging. This is what brings blue balls. Too much fluid accumulating in the testicular area. Anyone that has experienced it can testify that it is very uncomfortable and very real :slight_smile: However, the key term in the definition is “can affect” - not everyone gets it! But it is certainly real. I am glad our fellow brother @krishvamsi30 manned through it!!!


Lol, I had to make an excuse to get out of there, the pain was immense. So we just met, and I don’t think we gonna have sex soon, I believe it might take a while, but we definitely gonna hangout again, well I’m at around day 300 of nofap, so definitely not gonna fap, @alex_time_to_change is there any tips to avoid blue balls the next time I hangout with my gf?


@krishvamsi30 I can only share my experience which might be different for you: the first couple of times I make out with a girl I get intense blue balls if there is no ejaculation around the time. My system gets too excited!! After a while just making out with the girl doesnt affect me - if there is no touching and intense erection I am ok.