Urgeful ads on Rewire Companion

The Admin
Rewire Companion
Respected sir,
This is to inform you that since last update I’m getting inappropriate/urgeful ads on Rewire Companion. Please take an action to change them.
Hope you’ll be changing them soon.
Thank you sir @Taher @_inactive
Yours faithfully


See the sequence of dad appearances :boxing_glove:


I think you should format your phone create a new Google I’d and don’t search for porn.

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Or upgrade to paid version

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Brother sorry to say but I cannot afford for paid version. I don’t want ads to be closed. Just I want that in place of this ad @Taher may ad some other.


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It is your user right, but I believe it is as @Zeusss said: It would be better to format your phone because the ads are what you are looking for or in the past you were looking for

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Pls note that ads are based on your previous Google search history
Delete them from your account
And delete all cashed data
May b help you!