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Dont think that doing nofap for 100 days will make you a badass alpha.

You need to work on yourself

Learn to live alone,learn to make your own path,learn how to never give up even after taking many hits

Stop being a pussy and man up!


I am on day 3 right now so I am slave but soon I will be a warrior. Btw I have noticed you memes are becoming more serious than funny.


I can make both funny and serious meme
You tell me what kind of meme you like


I was just saying, you have the freedom to post anything you want. Your memes are really good I like your creativity my friend. Best of luck with your nofap :slight_smile::ok_hand::+1:


All hail killmonger!



I went through all the memes today morning and had a good laugh. :rofl::rofl: Thank you


This is because of the participation of our various users. Glad you like our topic thanks :bouquet::blush:


Im only two zeros away from 100… the last two zeros.


:joy: Epic! I like your sense of humour!
Need more of that. Life is short, why not laugh often?


I enjoyed lots of meme here so thought of making my own I don’t know I will be funny or not but I will share what comes to my mind hope it will

grow my creativity





The only recession I vouch for is a NoFap Recession!!!



What is your Nindo?


Our body is the Real Scumbag


That really happened
There was a twitter war between nofap.com and xhamster


Lucky guy, even if he gets urges ,he cannot fap as he doesnt have a dick