Upload Your Memes Here




You are Unstoppable dude @Thedevil






I would rather do nofap boy






Yaar ye topic mujhe dikhta kyu nahi tha. I did not mute it. Then, why was it not visible? :thinking:


I think the topic was probably down in the list and you didn’t go that deep in the forum


But man, everything comes up with new posts.


I am not sure about it because I am able to see every topic even old ones. You should ask taher about this. Atleast it is visible now, and if it is not visible you can simply search the name ‘Upload Your Memes’ in the search bar.


It is visible now. :grin::grin: I have selected ‘Watching’ in the thread options. The forum seemed inactive without this. I suddenly found this due to exponentially increasing likes of @Thedevil :pray: in the users section. I thought, “Where is he posting?”





Don’t worry guys, it was just a myth, I guess :sweat_smile:


Is that true I read about it but


It is a myth.nofap decreases the chances of prostate cancer, while frequent ejaculation will increase the risk of prostate cancer

Its proven by many studies