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There are many people who feel sad because they relapse so I thought I should do something to get a little smile to their faces with the help of Funny MEMES!

So upload the funniest memes related to nofap and motivation you can find on the internet or make them yourself (see below for instructions) and make someone happy.

:tada: THING TO REMEMBER :tada:

The memes should not contain any triggering content like porn site logos, lusty texts, images of women etc.

:thinking: HOW TO UPLOAD :thinking:

Click the reply button below this topic - (a reply menu will appear) Click the image button left to blue reply button and abandon post button

Next click the black document button below that camera icon

Select the meme you have downloaded from the internet.
You will be sent back to the app, click the blue ‘Reply’ button to upload.

:sunglasses: MAKE YOUR OWN NOFAP MEMES :sunglasses:

Download an app called ‘Meme Generator’ from the play store (it’s free)

Open the app, select from hundreds of meme templates (in this case I have selected Drake meme)

Simply click the screen to enter text on the template.

Once you have added your text, Click the save button (highlighted in yellow) to save it as an image file.

:smiley: ABOUT ME :smiley:

Name : Agrim Puriya
Current Streak : 9 Day
Sharing Code : 497so9

:clap::clap: Meme Review :clap::clap:

It is the sum of all likes of different memes uploaded by a user, and my memes doesn’t count.

  1. @BruceLee ( total 54 likes )
  2. @Thedevil ( total 37 likes )
  3. @tushard964 ( total 26 likes )
  4. @Forerunner ( total 24 likes )
  5. @ReloadingSacks (total 14 likes )
  6. @MRmoussa2002 (total 12 likes )
  7. @ayush_rocks ( total 12 likes )
  8. @aapoorv75 ( total 12 likes )
  9. @Special_Bird ( total 7 likes )
  10. @hellojaani ( total 3 likes )

(Updated on 1st February 2019)


R E L A T A B L E !


Great stuff man!




My Nofap Journey Described In A Single Picture


(Suspense music plays in the background)


Can never have enough memes!


@Taher what do you mean?




I like memes… … . :smiley:


sad life



Great stuff ! It’s good to have some funny things related to our no fap journey!


@GK.Snake Why don’t you upload your memes too. I can’t upload my memes right now as I disabled Chrome in frustration LoL



I’m jealousimages%20(6)

He can levitate too






R.I.P ENGLISH :joy::joy::grin::grin::joy::joy::joy:.