🌟 unimportant thoughts

While on nofap its become very difficult for one to resist those emotions
here i am sharing my struggle and seek advice from other also plz share ur own ups and down here and as a community we grow together and overcome this addiction


So here i am on day 21 and things are going smoothly but i want to change my habbits of waking up early and to study


Last few weeks are very hectic as i got lots of assignment and exams also. 3 students of our cllg sucide and thats very horrible. And sad


Every day I ponder all the people in the world who also have a addiction and they don’t even know yet that they do

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Addiction of any form any shape is disastrous


Everybody underestimate me no body believe in me everybody including my friends my parents my relatives my sister my brother all are started to underestimating me .i dont want to be better in there eyes but still i don’t know why i feel hurt when they thing others are better than me no body believe in me i don’t know why .i am not a seeker of them but still it hurt may be its my mistake i am not that one who show off who do things to gain attention of other may be i don’t show emotions much may be i need to change i don’t know why sometimes these -ve felling comes but yes i feel very sad because i cant do much about that i feel hopeless :pensive:and sad

I feel i am always on loosing end i always has an inner confidence in me and sence of calmness but things never went acc to me . And wherever compare to others i always loose in aspect of appearance styl study i was always a mediocre i tried a lot to be the best but the results aren’t well even somedays i was on top but somedays i hit rock bottom . Why it was always me and always unfortunate things happen to me and only me yeah it is a partof life but i don’t know i feel very sad when i recall things and good days are never coming .

I did work out after a long time basically i had a very busy oct and i really feel very great and motivated
20-20 -15(3 rep) pushups
30-30 situps

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Feeling very low and angry as i can’t change things they are really i want to be different person my weakness are always hurting me and why i get affected by others thinking whts wrong i know i dont have to think too much but these things effect i think thats how human are meant to be . Things not going good i want difference and i know i am the one who can change things but still when i see my efforts and their results i fell sad they aren’t according to that so thats it did this is my destiny … i always stay positive but i believe that things will change i just have to be on right track

I feel very sad when somebody say ur less or u will not able to get it

Bro u should not compare yourself to others

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I know i am alone i don’t need anybody i just have to be focused i can do enormous things i just have to believe in myself yes that is what i need yes i can and i will achieve every single thing of my dream evry crack make me stronger and it will continue to make me stronger and stronger till end . I pray to god just give me strength :pray: to stay on path

I don’t compare with others i get hardly effected by someone . I feel sad when somebody think others are better than me and compare me with others and tell me u lack this u lack that that is what effect me and when this is from that person who close to u done that then it pain

One thing u must understand what others is none of my business what you think is your business bro

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You cannot Control external circumstances but You Can Control Your Internal Things That Must Be In Your Choice

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Yes and thats damn truth i will always trying to better day by day

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