Unable to succeed

I have been using this app for months now.

I have not been able to get free.

Every 2 days I want to search triggers as it seems to have become a lifestyle.

I tried reading easy peasy and made it to chapter 6, but gave up on it as I couldn’t find the method to get free.

All I know about myself is that if others can succeed. I am not able to.

Others get girlfriends. Others get random women interested. Others can beat this, but not me.

I believe in God. I don’t believe I will ever get success. I am forever defeated by the Vortex that I try to kick.

Dude I hear you. I understand that it’s hard to kick a habit that has been part of your life, especially a habit with your own personal supply. I have however seen that you are possibly doing this for the “superpowers” I guess? Correct me if I’m wrong . Unless and untill you’re doing this for yourself , because you want to create a better life for yourself , not to get girlfriends or get women oogling you but to create a better life , there is very slight chance that you will succeed. Furthermore , always remember that this, habit breaking streaks , they are a journey , they are not a sprint and with any journey , it takes time. You can’t just succeed overnight. You’ll probably fail more times than you’ll succeed. You require stamina , to outclass your failures. You’ve failed today and you’ll likely fail tomorrow. That wouldn’t deter someone like you now would it? Dude you’re a warrior like many of us. You’re already trying to create a better life, would you really look at a friend undee your circumstances and say , well you fucked up today , you must be a pretty shitty person? No right? So why give up on yourselves? Why not take the fight to the habit instead of trying to defend your home? I hope this helps you see that right now depression and hopelessness have sorrounded you. The only way out is to not give up. I promise you , the taste of victory will be worth it.

Your mindset is so poor that you say you cannot win, you need to change it otherwise you will really not succeed.
You need to try again and again until you find a way to control yourself, its up to you to give up or trying again. Find a hobby to keep yourself busy, finish reading easy peasy.


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