Unable to go back

I’ve reached almost a month of NoFap but I relapsed and now it’s been 7 days and I can’t get back to it . Please advise me as to what I should do.

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It happens buddy , I relapsed after 15 days , and struggling to go past 7 days , it happens , it is the part of journey.
Stay strong and keep moving.


How could we help you?

Maybe try getting yourself as busy as possible… The first day is the hardest really, so if you make sure you have little or no spare time, that could help you. Also make sure you have no electronic devices in your bedroom, at least in the beginning.

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For 7 days don’t try to stay alone , don’t be hungry, when u get urges do 10 push ups , you will get an urge again after 30 mins do again 10 push ups… continue like that when ever u get urge …
Buddy it’s tough, but remember how strong you can handle pressure differentiate diamond and coal of same species