Ultimatum challenge for everyone

Please carefully read this. This is too short and effective for your life. If you don’t have time then you only have time for watching and doing shits .

Look its not going to be easy you have to follow it for 90 days . START DATE 23rd may 2021 to 21 August 2021.
Rules -:point_down::point_down:

  1. Don’t watch anything that triggers you. You don’t have to open those images, videos which can trigger you (delete insta , don’t open browser unnecessarily and never use incognito tab, and don’t watch item songs, matlb jo aapko pata ki aapko trigger krega use mat dekho)(Bonus : don’t use whatsApp GIFs i relapsed because of it today).
  2. Don’t try and test yourself.
    Means when you are on streak don’t try to test your will power by stroking your :fist: DK (as it will erect and you will lose) and don’t try to see those pics :no_mouth: to see you will act or not.
  3. Don’t touch your DK unnecessarily.
    You can itch when it’s out of control and can touch DK while bathing but remember stroking and touching for no reason is not allowed. Even you can’t open your zip or take off pant other than peeing ( toilet) . Use your underwear hole to pee :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:.If you won’t touch you won’t relapse. Remember stroking =Relapse
  4. Why :question: page
    Write down your feelings of regret and why you started this. Your current bad situation and the the stage where you want to be. Write in only one page and put this page to your packet everyday to read when you are feeling urges.
  5. Transform
    It means doing something when you fell urge like 10-20 push ups, 40 squats ( isne meri faad di badi tagdi cheez hai apke thighs aur glutes ko bada maza aayega after doing this :laughing::laughing:) or pull ups or you can do all these exercises. Just to utilize the extra energy ,if you feel urge after one round go for another round and start deep breathing.
  6. Cold showers
    I am doing this since last 1.5 years(also in winters) it’s easy.
  7. Viaualize
    Every morning and evening you have to imagine what you will do after an urge hit you and you are beating that urge. Look if you relapse more often in night don’t go for it that time just sleep (agar ek hi position me 15 min tk rhe toh so jaaoge) . This also applies either you relapse more often in morning or evening just do your work.
  8. Don’t fascinate
    You don’t have to fascinate any girl (means in bed,bkin or any form that can trigger you). Don’t try that if you will do that you will lose after your DK erect.

If you don’t follow any of these rules you are out, you will be a loser, accept this challenge if you have power and think you are real men. Look anything won’t come until you work for it. Teri saari chhezein daau pr lag chuki hain if you have accepted this challenge. If you relapse or won’t follow any one of these :point_up: rules you will lose everything that you have (like hairs, you attractiveness , sharp mind ,money success,love etc. ) and if you will
do it till end , everything will get better++++ ( for instance if you have thin hairs then you will lose them forever if you relapse and if you will do this nofap after accepting this you will have more thick, dense, strong and healthy hairs). It was just an example you will get many more things. Accept this at your own risk. You can’t enter in this ultimatum after you lost ( yaad rakhna ek bhi rule toda toh ultimatum se bahar, bane rhna loser puri zindagi ke liye) so take it seriously. You can watch NoPmo India channel for the ultimatum video ( video will be about 24 minutes long, teri life ko sudharne ke liye saamne ye time bahut chhoti but bahut kimti hai ,do watch his video).Hum log yaha par puri siddat ke saath isse pura karenge. This all also applies on me and you bro. Come on let’s do this for our better kife and future . I am 14 years old and wasted my 2 years in all this shit now i won’t fap again i promise and you also have to take the promise. Sab chala jayega agar hare toh lekin agar jeete na saari chizein kahi times jyada increase hongi aur kayi cheezin bonus ke taur par bhi milengi.

We all are together, go and make a why page now and your Ultimatum will start after you read & upvote this and made your why page. If you have accepted this challenge then upvote this so that this ultimatum can reach to as many warriors as possible, so we can win this war together. We all are gonna win this .

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Start date -23rd May 2021
End date -21st August 2021



I want to join the challenge
My sharing code - qjsagu
My current streak - 2 days

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I’m In :fist:
SC : 7gdf2f
Current streak : 17 days

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Check in Day 3
Be strong

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Ultimatum day 0 guys, do this you cant be successful just by stroking and ejaculating your vital fluids. Do the work and forget about pmo and no fap. As nofap is not work.

Day first… Want to your support… Halat bhut kharab ho gai hai… 2 month bad shadi h


Shaadi me dhashu dikho bhai, confident rho aur nofap karte rho. By the way, Congratulations

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Guys this is a one time chance to change yourself forget your past, work on your present to build a great future. You deserve happiness. Hope you all have made your , Why :question: Page, and that page is in your pocket just read that when you feel urges.


Guys share this ultimatum to many warriors , so that they can also join and be a part of this revolution to evolve.

Ultimatum day 1 , stay strong. If you can do it for 1 day then, surely for the rest of your life. Push your limites

Day 1 of ultimatum challenge
Day 4 of nofap

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Ultimatum Day 1 :white_check_mark:

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I intend to join this **ULTIMATUM **

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Ultimatum Day 2 :white_check_mark:

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Hope all is well…

ULTIMATUM DAY 1​:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Day 2 of ULTIMATUM challenge
Day 5 of Nofap

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Don’t worry if you joined late because late is better than never (der aaye durust aaye)

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Day 3 is coming we can do this. As the journey of thousands miles always starts with a single step and we all are together don’t feel alone. Don’t let your mind trick and rule you ,rule your mind to rule the world.

Ultimatum Day 3 :white_check_mark:

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