TV series and relapses

Most of my relapses happen when I end up watching some soft porn sex scenes while I was watching any TV series or a movie.

I need help on how to tackle such scenes. Obviously one way is to fast forward and skip it which I do most of the time when I get hint of what’s going to happen. But sometimes I don’t which results in relapse. So now all our movies have some soft porn sort of? Isn’t it frustrating that our art is revolving around sex and being desiring? I’m tired of this social interaction where I’m being valued as a reproductive asset constantly.


Hey @funnydeath
As I am not proficient in giving advices but as I read it’s better to not watch any 18+ UA rating movies or Tv series or you can just quit watching those.
I hope it helps. Whatever I said I read in this community.

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Well, there’s is an app for it called Vid Angel.

Although this app can let’s you use the filters from wide range, but I would recommend to avoid X or R rated movies for the first few weeks. However if in case you can’t avoid watching certain movies/shows, then get this app and apply the filters.

Bro avoid watching tv and web series from your life otherwise u will always be at risk of fapping. I used to watch movies n web series before no fap but now i dont watch all these things because mind says they are useless for me. Cut social media from life. Do these things in your life u will feel more peaceful and calm

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Cutting every form of entertainment from your life may actually result in you having a lot of free time, which I feel is when those urges start creeping in.
So I would say watch some shows, just choose wisely which shows you watch and be especially carefully for the first week or so.