Tutorials for topic Creation

Hey there I have done the basic tutorial and the markdown tutorial, are there any others?
E.g. i know there is an option to hide parts of a post so that the reader has to click them to open them… I sometimes write about sensitive/ trigger topics and I would like a way to hide this stuff so that only people who have read a warning open these things willingly.
I would appreciate the help.

Best regards

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By clicking on the settings option at the extreme right you can choose hide details and write a post you want to hide

thank you very much :slight_smile: @Samaranjay i bet ppl will be very thank full that i can hie my long texts so that they can oly read the short summary :wink:
could you tell me how you found out about that is there another tutorial for other extras ro sth liek this?

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There was an advanced tutorial.

do you happen to ahve a link to that? i searched but the bot did not suggest it maybe i missed it… i only found the markdown tutorial → which was super usefull :wink:

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Type this "@discobot start advanced tutorial "

You will get a notification with the tutorial

thank you very much!

i am must have missed the message where discobot wrote that :slight_smile:

have a good nigths rest!

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You too bro, goodnight :v:

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