Trying to stop but keep browsing and looking at pictures

Hi I have been trying to quit for a couple of years now I’m aged 27 years old the highest I ever got was to 15 days which felt amazing and I could do Things and felt energizied.

But as of late I’ve been trying to quit still and I’ve gotten to day 5 and I still just browse looking at pictures/videos at night when I’m in bed of want turns me on.

I play videos games after work and on my days off when I have time to distract my mind from this which can sometimes help .

Anything else or ideas to stop completely.

Not watching porn is only half the battle. If you spend your energy just trying to avoid it, eventually you will give in.

You need to actively spend your time doing wholesome things. Find good books to read. Find people to spend time with. Spend time on a hobby.

And also, I advise you to keep your phone out of your room. Buy an alarm clock if you need to.

That’s my advice, hope it helps. Good luck!


Well, for me reading helps anything that allows for a means to learn a skill set. I’m currently listening to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill copyright 1937. Odds are I’ll buy the book so then taking notes and summarizes for future readings.

I looking at a gym membership to keep the mind body,spirit focused on positive outcomes rather dwell on despair. Take it one day at a time and don’t fall in to a comparison trap.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you.

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