Trying nofap, while not desiring relationships or marriage

Hi there, my situation with nofap is more difficult than most people out there. Usually, people try to stop this addiction in order to enjoy the real thing (relationships, marriage, etc.)

But for me, I’m not planning to engage in relationships or marriage, as I’m not into this kind of responsibility (I don’t bother).

Also, I’m Muslim, I can’t satisfy my urges having sex or intimate relation with women, unless I get married to them.

So, that’s my situation, any thoughts or opinions?


Assalamu alaikum brother, how are you, first of all welcome to this wonderful community.

How old are you, I mean if you are working then you can get married.

Don’t make marriage difficult, it is supposed to be simple and not something to be thought of as a burden.

Sure there is responsibility, but is not what you think, the responsibility is within your strength to handle.

Due to pmo and instant gratification we have lost the meaning of responsibility.

We don’t want even a little bit of responsibility.

I guarantee you that, after you leave this addiction and believe me, without marriage you can get rid of this addiction easily.

Our prophet(PBUH) told us to marry, and if you are not in a position to marry, then fast, as fasting reduces the urge. And then resort to daily prayers and azkaar.

In no time you will be free and continuing your life as if you were never addicted, provided to make a firm decision to leave this habit. You should be willing to take the necessary steps to avoid triggers and stuff.

Finally I recommend you to read the easy peasy book. Search for it here on this forum snd you will find the link. It is the most easiest way of quitting porn and masturbation addiction. And it is no joke, as many can tell you here in this forum how they liberated from that pmo hole.


Thanks for the support, I’m 30 years old and working. It’s true, after stopping the habit for a while, I seem to feel more energetic and want to explore the world fully. I’ll definitely have a read of that book you mentioned.


Its your choice whether you want to marry or not brother, didn’t mean to force you or anything, just wanted you to know that marriage was easy and need to be taken as something which brings happiness.

I think that getting married is an huge accomplishment in the life of a man (or woman). Unlike the world tries to convince us today, being married brings us happiness. It means that one person has chosen you among all the people of the world to be by her side until the end of times. You no long needs to worry about being alone, as now you have a huge friend. You no longer need to worry about your sexual needs, as this person will always be available and keen to please you (and you must always make yourself available to please her, obviously).

Take a moment to think of all the good things that a marriage brings. But if you think that this is not for you, don’t worry. It is up to you to decide it.

Best regards.


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