Trying Again( NEW DIARY...AGAIN)

After long time i am again trying to quit this pmo addiction. I didnt realized before how serious this addiction has become and how much my life is affected by it. year by year before i realized i have been addicted for more than ten years. My life is literally messed up right now. i have been aimless for these last 4,5 years. Always staying in own comfort zone. never taking any challenge nor having any goals. i am realizing slowly what pathetic human being i have become…so, i am trying again, no…ill try again and again until i am free from this addiction. i am tired of living my life pathetically. i am tired of being nobody. i am tired of having no goals,no relationships. i am tired of being coward, tired just tired of what this addiction has turn me into. a coward,weak,pathetic excuse of human being. i am tired ofbsinning against God, abusing my body for those fake pleasure. yeah, i may fall but i wont give up. i cant, it the only one life i get i want to live it to the best i can. For my family’s sake and for my own sake.

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From now on i will try to be consistent here…i will try to update at least one time a week

3 years on this app, and never even crossed 1month streak

Day 3

Badly relapsed 3 days ago. Still feel weak and sleepy all the time. hope it gets better