Truth about pornography from the former stars and others( *Trigger warning* )

Kevin Hart warns about ■■■■ in his own style :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Even though it is funny but the message is true.


Impact of pornography on our mental health

Depression, stress, anxiety, fear, suicidal thoughts, identity changes may be connected to our ■■■■ consumption. A time comes where we lost control over everything and we find on a dead end having nothing to be proud of.


Billie Elish word on ■■■■

It might be triggering to some viewers but she suffered that impact


Garrett Johnson contribution for non pornography addiction

Masha Allah what he has done was impressive


A truth well represented in the eyes of the people . The dark side of the industry which traps millions of people not only by making them attached to watching porn , but ruining the lives of the people by making them do it for money . All thanks to @anon69203515 for bringing up such a necessary and sensitive topic to the people .


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One of the scariest things which might we don’t know about our phone’s privacy explained by John McAfee - Owner of the McAfee antivirus

After seeing this I am also peculiar about my device if that is as well on guillotine. Allahu Alam

There’s a saying “If it’s free then you are the product.


Story of Drew, founder of

For someone who has a better half this might give you a insight of love between partners, accepting the flaws, tolerance, compassion and forgiveness Insha Allah


Story of Bree Olson- former pornographic actress.

Sometimes we always curse the performers of ■■■■ but what we don’t understand that we are also responsible for their problem.

I just disagree with few words of her at last like “there is not wrong in ■■■■” or some other similar stuff but the majority what she’s talking about is clearly a sign that what women suffers in this industry


In early 2020, through the Traffickinghub campaign, we began exposing Porhub for hosting videos of rape, trafficking, revenge porn, and child sexual abuse.

When our Director of Abolition published “Time to Shut Pornhub Down" in the Washington Examiner, it hit a social nerve.

It led to a viral petition with 2 million signatures from 192 countries, a viral video with 34 million views, and an in-depth exposé on the front page of the New York Times, “The Children of Pornhub,” penned by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof.

All of this created an atomic PR situation for Pornhub, who quickly deleted 80% of its content overnight—about 10 million videos!

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover all cut ties with the site and, ever since, the “world’s largest porn site” has been up against the ropes.

Days ago, it was announced that MindGeek/Pornhub CEO, Feras Antoon, and COO, David Tasillo had resigned after ten years with the company. It’s also rumored that hundreds of Pornhub employees have been laid off.

The Globe and Mail reported that Pornhub would lay off “a number of its staff, in an attempt to cut costs after suffering revenue declines over the past 18 months following a series of revelations that MindGeek had allowed child sexual abuse material and other nonconsensual videos to be posted on Pornhub.”

Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek are also being sued by 191 victims in multiple lawsuits for over $1 billion.

As the lawsuits progress and the investigations continue, the once-celebrated brand of Pornhub has been irreparably tarnished, and it’s hitting their pocketbook.

Without a doubt, the global Traffickinghub movement has caused the tides to turn in the world of criminal porn distribution.

It’s no longer profitable to host content featuring overt cases of rape, trafficking, and child sexual abuse. If the biggest name in porn can’t get away with it, then no one can.

These developments are nothing short of historic.

We believe this milestone is the result of YOUR voices boldly proclaiming the truth to the world and supporting this effort to see Pornhub brought to justice.

The fight to hold porn companies accountable for trafficking and exploitation is just beginning.

Source: Exodus Cry


Story of Smith Alley
His struggles of mental health due to pornography and suicidal thoughts followed by it.


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Fear Allah and don’t watch ■■■■


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P industry is all lie.