TrueMuslim's Journey (24yrs)

Anything which ignites me I left my girl friend Today because I don’t want to repeat mistake of edging during no fap journey it’s too dangerous because our mind tricks with us that you are going so good I wasn’t at 15 days just see a little porn or edging it rather more dangerous …


Day 4
I am feeling more motivated because these is no back accidently look on sexy photo I can ignore but intentionally seeing for more than 3 seconds I will take it as a edging which is more harm …

Tomoroow I will go for running pushups pull ups exercise to build muscles and don’t waste my energy hormones


You will make it @TrueMuslim
This time it will be your highest streak.

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Bro I’ve warned you about edging and peeking before.

:thought_balloon:Edging means masturbating without orgasm
:thought_balloon:Peeking means looking at porn without masturbating

These two are way more harmful than pmo itself, I’ve learned it the hard way myself.
Set personal rules like this : you cannot touch your dick for more than three seconds (except when you pee or shower). And also you must not manually search for explicit content on any cost, if one pops out by accident you have to close it immediately. If you break these rules then reset your counter.

Believe in yourself. The first time you did nofap you reached 15 days. It took me 6 months of constant trying to reach that amount. You are stronger than your addiction don’t forget it. Never give up the fight.


It’s same to me bro. I left my girlfriend for this teraphy

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@Kaizen Brother your words are quotes I learned from edging mistake personally but the way you have become experienced now and obviously your views will benefit the new freshies here whoever read your comments … The mistakes the way you suffered I think so new freshies should become careful and learn from other mistakes …2 days left of kaizen to reach 30 days …your journey was tough bro …you made it

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