Triggers, my opinion

I truly believe that triggers exist don’t get me wrong but there is something I want to address. Triggers are certain fetishes that makes us want to relapse, triggers might differ from person to person. A lot of people uninstall some apps or don’t use the phone and when they go out they try not to watch girls,for me this is overexaggeration… Yes it’s important to avoid triggers, but you don’t have to go all that way, it may have more problems hidden in those actions than you think(excluded people who uninstal apps for their dopamine etc) . My opinion is that We have to control our urges and live free from this addiction once and for all, not fear and run away from Every trigger we see. Have the patience and the willpower to push through. Again my opinion!

This is where I 100% agree with you.
But, I see triggers this way. If an alcoholic was trying to quit, it wouldn’t make any sense if he was hanging out at bars, even if he was determined not to drink.
In the same way, we need to avoid the things that tempt us. But that’s only half the battle. Like you said, control our urges.

My personal reason for avoiding triggers as much as possible is that I am addicted. If I had the willpower to resist all those urges, I wouldn’t be addicted and I wouldn’t need to worry about it. Someday I’ll get there, but for now I’m still working on it.

Thanks for sharing your opinion!


I agree man, I mean I did 2 years no fap. Now I have a 45 days streak. I don’t want to watch porn anymore, and I can’t control 85% of my triggers, maybe even more. So I don’t know if I have an addiction or not anymore😂