Triggers Are Everywhere Around Us

I am just a beginner in this rewire (I’m on day 23). I use all kinds of media like YouTube, TV, sometimes social networking sites etc. One thing I have noticed in all those is that every form of media or anything that shows content has some form of sexual triggers. You name it everything contains this shit Instagram, facebook, pinterest, giphy etc. Shit even the advertisement we see sometimes contains specific triggers like a deo or a condom advertisement. Even if you try to read some magzines, they are in it! This is one of the reason why lots of people find this nofap really hard to practice for long time. It’s like everything around us is trying to defeat our goal. This was the reason why I failed in my first rewire. The sad truth is that it is almost impossible for you to isolate yourself from all this crap.

We can’t really change the triggers around us but what we can change is the mind which reacts to those shitty triggers.


Yes; bro triggers are everywhere, but with awareness & discipline TRIGGERS :gun: cant do any damage to us.

We all are learning the art of sexual transmutation. Its just a matter of time, Keep faith.


I can confirm this wish there was an option to blur or cut those part those part in movies or advertisements, sometimes I just want to enjoy a movie or series but nooo there gotta be the one thing am getting rid of all the time.


@nagate Exactly, it’s like the film or advertisement industry wants us to be the slave of pornography.

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Seeing hot women in real life is not a problem but if we are watching a hot woman continously on Screens is a BIG problem.

Because by watching hot women on screens for hours or minutes, we are receiving huge dopamine hit like cocaine. And too much cocaine can make you a manaic.


Porn industry has very big influence on media, they know if they arouse you via the movies they funded you will be going straight to their websites