Tried so many times

i’ve attempted to stop fapping so many times, just to see i fail in less streak than 5 days, i feel like i want to break to my mind, but i just can’t, should i continue?


Yes. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Your already light-years ahead of most for even attempting to change!

In the end, perserverance is what gets us where we want. No one goes into this and succeeds right off the bat. And the ones that must fight hard to beat many years of addiction can in the end say they fought the good fight and won, despite setback after setback which may have felt like it went on for eternity.

You will hit very low points, but know that for each low point, there is great learning just beyond it. Look at yourself critically, look at your schedule, look at everything you do. Observe carefully. Watch the next time you relapse. Recall what excuses you told yourself, what triggers, behaviors, etc led up to your decision to PMO. Take it into account and change it.

This journey takes more than desire to change. It takes discipline, and the mental stamina and agility to learn where you are weak and where you can be strong, in your daily life, your body, and your mind. Not many can conquer themselves in this way and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is difficult, as you have seen, but it isn’t impossible.

You can do this! Get up and keep learning, growing, and striving to be the best you can be!


should a cocaine addict stop trying to kick his habit just because its hard? of course not. we’ve all been there, ive had days where i’ve fapped 3 times a day while practicing nofap but today i have reached 45 days PMO free. it might seem hopeless to try and quit fapping for good and maybe it is, maybe even 90 days is out of reach so fuck it. but you’ve already had a streak of 5 days, how hard could it be to get to 7 ?

i want you to use every ounce of your willpower to get to a proper 7 day streak, that means actively avoid porn at all cost and no touching your dick. promise yourself all you have to do it make it to 7 days and you can fap all you want but now is the time for abstinence. if you make it to 7 days and you honestly feel like fapping then go for it, atleast then it will be your conscious decision but before that time comes avoid it completely.

Don’t give up. Sometimes I feel like giving up but we mustn’t. Try to learn from your mistakes and think about changing things.

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