Tried Everything, but nothing worked! Helpppp!

I’ve been trying nofap for 3-4 months! Longest streak is 21 days! But recently i’ve been failing every 4-5 days! It fuckin hurts, but i’ve been going to that same place again and again and again! Idk what to do! I’ve tried everything, but nothing works. People say its matter of willpower, but when the decision time comes nothing really works. This usually occurs at night, when i’m a little sleepy but I need to study that’s why I cant sleep. Evrything works fine for a day or two, but then :sob:
God will never forgive me, I’ve been failing him again and again and again!!


Hi brother
Don’t lose hope. The entire community is there to support you. There are lot of positive people out here. I am really amazed after joining this community.
This community is an awesome community, I have changed a lot after joining here.
I request you to check out Easy peasy hack book
It’ has only 150 pages
Here’s the link

Also read this. It’s v.helpful

The almighty is not a self proclaimed pastor, Allah will forgive you, but first you must get over it and forgive yourself too.

Thanks, will read it! I’ve started reading Evrryman’s Battle - Everymans Guide to winning the war on sexual temptation One victory at a time!

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Thanks nagate! Surely the Jesus will forgive me if I didnt just go over with it! But its the fact that it hurts deep down that i’m not worthy for his love!!

Hey jay
Our vices are the strongest when the brain is tired.
Most relapses occur when you are about to sleep.
The way to avoid such a situation is to wake up early, finish your daily study target early and go to sleep before your vices take control

Let me know what you think

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The mind is very powerful and if you are really hooked, if is really tough not to give in when it is easily accessible. I was in the same situation. The reality is that you have to restrict access to it because your free will is not all there.

I have had to do some fine tuning but here is what I use on devices:

I use the Purity app on my android device. It is only 5 dollars a month and it blocks other browsers, apps, and pictures on the internet. You can get a free 14 day trial.

On my PC I use the free version of Qustodio and I also change the DNS server address so it blocks inappropriate content. If a bad website is not blocked, go to Qustodio settings to block any specific website. Use a long password for your Qustodio account and write it down on a piece of paper, then hide that paper so you don’t easily make changes to the settings when you have an urge.

Note: remove Microsoft edge because these filters do not work well with that browser.

Good luck and lmk if you have questions.


Learn new skills,travel, meet new people, meditate, spend time with nature.Life is too short, search and find long lasting happiness.


Would you like to read these two books?

  1. Wilson Gary’s Your Brain on Porn
  2. Inner Engineering by SadhaGuru
    and practsing some yoga and exercise techniques.
    I can’t guarantee which will work for you but for me these ideas helped.So you need to explore what way you can keep your mind busy by doing something else. (I am getting more argues and could not control. I just simply text my friends on random topics and tries to divert my mind.)
    My Currently my strike is 50 * Trying my best to moving forward.

Yess! I use Qustodio along with block site as I usually used proxy version to bypass qustodio blocks! I blocked on qustodio, so I can’t really access MS Edge!

Have you ever tried to forget that you are addicted? Sometimes you are giving too much importance to something you want to forget and that is why you always relapse. Remove the addiction from your list of possibilities and everything will be easier. Forgive me for my English, because I’m Brazilian.

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God has nothing to do with your masturbation , your purest feelings for doing good is what matters. We are human beings and we are full of flaws , accept it first and don’t pressurise yourself something for which your mind is not ready.
Remember you can only leave a habit when you realise you are gaining nothing from it.
2nd thing is make your self busy with socialising and working out . Have a daily routine. Take 1 day at a time and planned it before night. Listen to music and stretch out . Go for holidays. And don’t think that you shouldn’t do masturbation because our brain can not take the word no. Instead replace it with positive statement like I have to do body building or I have to clean my room. When you relapse start things again with cleaning and make things in order. And please stay away from erotic things because your brain will start imaging and the thought will again force you to relapse. Set small target for yourself . Like if I read for 1 hour than I will play video game for 30 min. In this way you will not have to struggle and you dont have to think.

I hope this will help. Let me know.


I have been trying from 3-4 years.
I wish i could go back some years but it cant happen.
I am not here to advice you because i cant.

I am here to wake you up. Take my example . Do you want the same fate after 4 years !!

Let me ask you, Do you masturbate by imagination ? Or Do you fap by watching videos/pics etc. ?


Hey bro these are my tips to avoid POM I am at 36 day streak successfully.

  • stop using internet without any fixed purpose, as the purpose is accomplished, come out ( go offline).
  • specially don’t use mobile phones when you are at bed e.g after 10pm. and try to sleep early. either you can study anything else or go for a 30 minutes walk before going to bed.
    Mobile phones cause chaser effect that lead you to porn.

We are on a path which takes time and tests our strength. Just stand along, learn and improve with every mistake.

Lets say,
If phone is the reason, try leaving it aside during bed time.
If wandering far off into the internet is the problem, try to install content blocker which might give us a couple of minutes to re-think about our decision and prevent it.
If social media seems triggering, stay away or use it for dedicated time.
If thoughts are problematic, let’s learn to divert our mind and practice meditation.
If anxiety does the harm, learn to live in the present moment.

Just find your reason and act! Don’t lose hope. See you at the top.:v:


I’ve already been reading, 20-25 books this year! I’ve content blocker on but I uninstall it! On an online internship, so for updates have to check phone! But it’d end in a week. I’ve already reduced my phone usage - except I fail sometimes!

But one thing only helps, praying daily! That 21 day streak broke cause I left praying for 2 days.

I masturbated by online materials. I browsed through them after getting triggered by some ads or any cue!

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Your pattern is similiar to mine. Hence the solution is also the same.

The solution is very simple. You know it.

Your task: You need to go to the temple and have to stay there

Case 1: you directly go to the temple and stay there.
Case 2: you will first go to the temple but will change your direction then to Jail.
Resultant: you couldn’t stay in the temple and you failed.

If you practice what you do in case 2 more, you will wire your brain to work in that way. i.e. first go to the temple and then to the jail.
The more you do it, the more footprints you make in that direction and your brain will definitely follow just the footprints the next time.

So you need to make sure the impact of the footprints is more in the direction what you want and you need.

Here, Temple is your No Fap journey and jail is your addiction.

This example is not just restricted to fap addiction.
Whatever you want to achieve you can apply it there.

I hope you got me.

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@Jay009 Praying is a great way to get positivity. You won’t even have the thoughts of PMO or anything of that sort. Just avoid the triggering material. Please do it for the God, do it for You.

Uninstalling a content blocker does not make sense. If it does block your online internship pages, you can whitelist that website.

Take responsibility. If you put a restriction on yourself, please own it like it is there from the beginning and can do nothing about it. Don’t try to think of ways to bypass it.

See you on the other side of this addiction! Clean and supercharged.:v: