Topics I wonder about

Please before you read some digression is needed. Read at own risk as I wanna talk about down there as some stuff concern me.

Well I know November is still a few days away and I know it was called Movember. Where for November we don’t shave to raise awareness in male cancers (like prostate or testicular cancer).

So my questions about this is well kinda weird. Where I heard to inspect your balls via checking for bumps or lumps as well as handel them and feel for not so noticeable (visable bumps).

I know this isn’t masterbation or a form thereof, but is it okay to do such a ball play?

Not only for inspection of ball cancer I heard testicular stimulation like a massage can increase the sperm production is it also allowed in Nofap?

Also well I heard of kegels yes and how to perform them, but in addition it is also mentioned to hang a light towel or cloth in erect state and do like Bicep curls ( Lets say erection curls) to increase the effectiveness of the kegel exercise and I wanna know if it too allowed to do it or mention it as it means more help for us healing from this problem (ED)? Actually where is kegels more effective in a flaccid state or erect state?

Yeah, I know sounds super weird, but how does one go about taking care of your member? I know yes wash it with soap(for sensitive skin soap) , but it also has skin and also would need moisturizing?

Relationships are a pain in the neck and yeah I know often when we speak between guys we tend to go in a sexual direction. Yes, being on nofap it is possible to have a girl. But does it hurt our healing process?

Yeah, kinda a stupid one, but underwear which is best? I know so many different ones and some have better boner hiding spots then other and the comfort changes for each depending on the cut. But since we are on the course of healing what underwear is the best in terms of keeping our member safe, clean and scab and scar free and could help in sperm production?

Yeah, I know stupid and a very senseless topic and definitely flagable, but like I said stuff I wondered about and not a lot of talks go into these matters. I think others do also wonder about it( probably not the underwear), but I added it as I also as mentioned wanna see the opinion on the underwear out there.

Also guys could be stuck on this or not aware on what to do like I mentioned. Also some myths I’d like to test out to see if there is truely a difference and what is lie and what not.

So I apologise yet again community as I just also want to raise awareness in cancer in men too. Not only that but awareness in how and maybe what to do should we be on nofap and still stay on Nofap guidelines.

Thanks for the read and support and hearing me out let’s talk about it and see if we can conclude to what and how!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!