✝ 𝚍𝚎𝚋𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚘𝚛'𝚜 𝚋𝚊𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎 𝚕𝚘𝚐𝚜

Wow it’s the first time i see someone who have joined this forum earlier than 2020
You are very old veteran here


It’s been a while, and despite my efforts, I can’t shake off this damn addiction. There’s always a tiny spark of hope for a better future, but it’s overshadowed by this gross feeling. Knowing it’s messed up doesn’t stop my dumb brain from craving more dopamine.

I messed up the first month of the new year, feeling powerless and annoyed at my own recklessness. Tried a bunch of things, even managed to resist for over 40 days after reading the easy peasy method, but ended up right back in it. Frustrating as hell.


It doesn’t matter what Day you are in No-Fap
The thing that matters is the experience you get from trying and failing many times
A good Non-Fapper isn’t measured by the number of days he achieves only but also by how much time he needa to recover from the last relapse and get back on his foot ( some might fall into chaser effect and double the times of masturbating after relapse and other might strongly recover from last relapse and get back on track immediately ) that’s the true measurement of a Non-Fapper to me


That’s the single most important factor that decides if you are a successful no fapper.

It took me 2 weeks to get back on track after my 87 days streak ended.



Day 15/45


Wasting more time than I’m comfortable with. Gotta be better.
First exam went well by God’s grace. Now for the second. Preparing for it.
Definitely had urges these past couple of days. A lot of it has to do with the stress with exams, because they’ve got a lot of syllabus to cover. But by God’s help I was able to resist. Also remembered I’m in the challenge with @RiftCha and can’t fail.

Win the morning, you win the day. I’ve gotta fight more for my mornings. Not waste time checking my phone and such. Gotta work harder.

30 days left



Remember our challenge will end in 11 February.So dont fall



#mood :joy:



Day 17/45


Too often I start up passive with wasting time on my phone ins the mornings, which I have to change.
I get to decide what I do with my day, which is honestly incredible. So much freedom and opportunity each day brings. And yet I take it for granted.
Let me not make the same mistake today.

Goals for today:
:arrow_right: Complete the flashcards for tomorrow’s exam by 12 pm
:arrow_right: Revise the flashcards for tomorrow’s exam by 5 pm
:arrow_right: Complete revising and posting the 2nd chapter on my story
:arrow_right: If I get the time, 2nd revision for tomorrow’s exam by 11 pm

Optional : plan out an additional third chapter for the book

28 days left


I’m actually really proud of myself for this.
Can’t believe I’m come such a long way; didn’t expect it but with God’s help it happened.
Set a goal and I’m progressively moving towards it.

Be patient and keep working hard; you’re becoming who you were meant to be



Day 20/45


When i was 16, i won a great victory… i felt at that moment, i will live to hundred. Now i know i shall not see thirty

  • King Baldwin

Can’t waste time. Never know when life will end.
Memento mori. Remember that you must die.
Time is too precious to waste.

Urges here and there, but staying strong by God’s grace.

25 days left


Heck yeah let’s go :fire:

vincit qui se vincit :crossed_swords:

Feeling a lot of the effects of the high dopamine.
Voice also got deeper.
Women’s attraction too. Though even when I am low streak, I still get quite a bit of attention from women, whenever I’m on higher streaks it’s on a whole different level. Girls whom I don’t even know are sliding into my dms idk why :laughing:
Mostly I think what people say as woman attraction is due to the confidence. That’s why some guys even on 90 days of nofap don’t know how to talk to girls while some fappers are with so many girls. Nofap is just the gateway but you have to develop yourself.
Of course, having good looks is a cheat-code. But regardless of that getting the right hair style and fits and working out will go a long way.

2 more theory exams to go.
Then 3 practical exams.



Day 23/45


Don’t watch the above clip if you’ve not seen Fight Club because there’s a major spoiler in it.

Spit balling ideas :
I know I said I wanted to do MMA for 6 months at the beginning of the year, that’s what this post is about.
The issue with MMA training is that it will take a lot of time. I don’t have that much to give this year, because I will also have basketball training as well as studies to take care of.

Considering the above factors, I think I will remain to gym+calisthenics this year, because it will be better for me. Next year I will be done with basketball (I will choose to stay out of the team to focus on studies, everyone usually does that in final year med school) and then I will get more time. So I’m thinking next year I will switch to MMA. This year I will continue strength training.

I really, really want to dive into fighting just now. But the thing is, I am not a full time fighter or anything. My primary goal is to become a good doctor. So even though it annoys me that I can’t train right now, I’ve got to align my goals with my primary objective first.

Speaking of goals,
The initial goals I put in my diary at the first post. I will be revising and editing them. Cause I’ve learned a lot more about goal-setting and planning these couple of weeks. So I will work on that as well.

Besides, strength training isn’t bad anyways. It’s amazing. It’s just that I like to fight cause of all the testosterone. I need an outlet for it. I’ll continue the training. Plus I have some calisthenics goals for this year. Handstand pushups and if possible, planche. Will see.

Oh and one more thing I’m proud of.
Since 2024 I’ve

  • Stopped buying chips; lays etc. nothing at all I buy. I used to eat a lot of it last year. Didn’t want to do that anymore. Staying away from that. The high salty taste of chips disgusts me now.
  • Stopped buying soft drinks. Not completely, sometimes when I order out, the meal comes with soft drinks. That I allow, maybe 1-2 times a week max, small bottle only. Otherwise I never buy them, again this is a good step forward for me because last year I used to have a lot.

Facial fat has reduced because of these two steps. Want to reduce it further.

Yeah that’s about it. Just an update.
Last theory exam tomorrow. Got to study for that.

22 days left

Never thought I’d get this far.
Definitely ain’t stopping now.
It’s crazy and I’m proud of myself for this. All was made possible by God’s help alone.
Don’t really think much about nofap these days. Too busy. That’s when nofap is best though. When you’re actually busy. Like I’ve said before, and I’ll keep saying again and again, “A man who lacks purpose will distract himself with pleasure.”

Remember : why would God entrust you with his daughter when you can’t even resist your own temptation?

vincit qui se vincit



Day 25/45


Theory exams done. Practicals start on 15th. So few days break.

Must be extra careful these few days. Lots of free time. Lots of temptation.

Goals for today :

  1. Complete updating at least 2 chapters of the fic
  2. Clean up my room + laundry backlog
  3. Basketball practise

Other notes:

  • My room-mate buys a LOT of chips. At least 3-4 packs everyday. So the urges to buy chips are there. Must stay focused.

Nofap :
Lots of urges today. Like a LOT.
Mostly because I re-installed PUBG. I usually play a couple games just after exams end. To relax. But now I’ve uninstalled it again. The wasting of time → urges → relapse.
But I remembered my challenges here and the benefits of not giving up. Never quitting.

Also stopped watching insta reels. Forcing myself to stay bored. Work in progress.

Like I said. Building myself up by God’s help.

20 days left




Day 27/45


Lots of thoughts I’ll be sharing. Just letting y’all know.

LOTS of urges past few days. Really thought I’d lose yesterday for sure. Urges hit in waves as soon as I woke up. So many flashbacks. They asked me to peek at least. Because they are saying peeking isn’t relapse.

Anyone who says peeking isn’t relapse is a slave to his desires and is lying to himself. When you are quitting addiction the aim is not “how close can I get to the line before I fall”

But I don’t plan on losing. They can come all they want.

Wanted to go to the gym today but got tired since I went to the turf and played football with my friends yesterday. It was a good day, going to Church and coming back, resting and then playing football.

My closest friends from college are acting immature about some stuff recently. And not being nice about it to me. I don’t let it affect me too much, because I ensure I don’t get too close to people in college. I know nearly all the friendships formed here are superficial and only when the other person wants a deep meaningful relationship do I reciprocate. I mean, I used to go around trying to be good friends with everyone but I learned my lesson last year.

I don’t mind them being like this. But it hurts a bit cause they’re my closest friends here and they’re acting like this for no fault of mine. But eh, f* it, we ball.

Lots of girl attention now on nofap. Maybe to do with my appearance idk. Special note on self-confidence and the air you carry yourself with. When you’ve got the swagger it’s attractive.

My voice has also gotten deeper.

I’m being a lazy POS at the moment. I need to work harder. Like even more now. I mean, I took the last 2 days as break because I just finished my yearly exams. But enough, let’s get back yeah?

The fire burns in my soul to be better.

I will prove myself right.

You try you failed, you get up and try again you failed, you repeat the same mistake you failed, you learn from your mistakes and try again you failed, you used motivation you failed, people are laughing at you and saying that why don’t you just give up, and then you turn your anger into discipline and train yourself to be the greatest version of you, then you try again by saying that I’m not done yet and then it will happen not like you expect but 100 times better than your expectations, just stay in it it will happen

You cannot beat someone who doesn’t quit

My goals for today:

  1. Rethink and write about my actual goals for 2023 in my private journal (I bought one last year. A nice one to keep my more private thoughts and reflect in)
  2. Clean my room. For real this time.
  3. Complete the revision uploads for my story works at least until chapter 8

18 days left

first time I entered the <20 number. Let’s keep going. Keep winning.
Nice to see everyone that’s on good streaks like @prince_king @RiftCha @Binocular

Everyone who’s not on a huge streak, I just have two things to say:

  1. For me, days 7 and 14 are the hardest. I feel that’s the hardest for most people, after chaser effect. So always be on your guard around these days, starting 2 days before and ending 2 days after them. Those 4 days be on extra alert. Make yourself extremely busy those days.
  2. You’re going to lose if you don’t improve your resistance. Work harder. Especially workout your body, you will not relapse if you’re feeling tired from doing actual work. You only relapse when you have excess energy sitting home and doing nothing.

If you’re giving in every 1-2 days, for weeks at a time, that just means you don’t want it enough. You can refer the picture I sent above. If you wanted it badly enough, you would have it.

Nofap is a marathon game but it’s only the beginning. You have only one life.
The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Be inspired by the fear of being average

vincit qui se vincit



Day 29/45


Success is impossible without failure. To succeed at anything you must fail at something.

Went to the gym yesterday but was a bit overzealous with my training :joy: so now I’ve pulled my upper back, I’ll have to wait it out. I also am having issues with my left shoulder (which was the one I dislocated in 2022) so I’ll have to do physiotherapy daily to strengthen that.

Practical exams begin tomorrow so will be studying for them from today onwards.

Remember : “some day” isn’t a day of the week
Want motivation? Imagine your son looking up to someone other than you

Slept little less. Was feeling tired but then I remembered this quote I heard from LeBron:

I don’t get tired.

16 days left


Had quite a few urges yesterday. Several urges come every alternate day I feel. I have to be more mindful about the content I watch, then. I feel that it might be subconsciously affecting me perhaps.


And how do we react?

Let’s kill him properly this time




Day 33/45



I’m getting a bit too much caring about my external appearance. While levelling up my appearance is good, getting obsessed with it isn’t. Have to work on that. By that, I mean think less about it.

I am also wasting a lot of time that I feel I can spend more productively. Mostly because my exams are not done yet so I need to study for them (one last exam left) but the time I’m not studying I really want to chill as well because of the exam stress. Hopefully after Monday (which is when my last exam is) I will do better. No, scratch that. I will do better.

Let them keep doing what’s popular. You do what’s necessary.

You are not the only one that wants this, bro. What makes you think you deserve it more than others?

If you are not outworking them, you don’t deserve it more than them.
You’re not as far away from your dreams as you think you are.

1% better everyday.
:white_check_mark: Discipline >>> :fire: Motivation

Man I’m so happy to be on such a good streak of staying away from temptation. Of course, the occasional triggers are there like poorly clothed women on insta some times, but I’m used to ignoring them now. Purposefully not talking to a lot of girls past few days, mostly because I want to focus and study but there’s this one girl who keeps texting me even though I try to discourage it because I’m not that interested. But eh, I reply only late when I get time and I don’t want to be rude.

:arrow_double_down: Message for all my nofap warriors who are tired :arrow_double_down:

If you come here because you need that little bit of peace, let me tell you please don’t give up.
You have to keep fighting.
That stronger, faster, better you is waiting at the end of whatever battle you’re fighting.
It’s not the end.
It’s only the beginning.
You have to get up.
Despite the numerous times you’ve been slammed into the ground you have to dust yourself off and ask “is that all you got?” Because you’re strong.
Know it. Own it.
Trust me, I know.
And if you have to go down, go down fighting with everything you’ve got. Never stop fighting.
I’m sure someday we will meet and show our battle scars and talk about how we made it.
Sleep easy tonight.
You deserve it, warrior. Whether you’re on day 9 or day 99.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but :slight_smile: :arrow_down:

12 days left


let’s. freakin. go.

vincit qui se vincit


You are doing great bro. Keep going and be calm and just study with a clear mind


thanks brother. Appreciate it :+1:



Day 35/45


I’m the most brutal and vicious and most ruthless champion there’s ever been, there’s no one can stop me. Lennox is a conqueror? No, I’m Alexander—he’s no Alexander.

  • Mike Tyson

If you think you’re a conqueror then I’m Alexander :crossed_swords:

Exams got over yesterday. Went well by God’s grace. Then came back. I read some triggering stuffs in a book I was reading. When I read stuff like that I get urges. So I stopped reading, will not be reading that book again. Slept for a bit, then went and played basketball. It was VERY tiring, still, with God’s help I got up again early today somehow and went to the gym. Even though I couldn’t do more than 1hr45min workout, it’s the consistency that matters more than the intesntiy.

Working out for at least 30 minuets every day is FAR better than not working out at all.
Be the guy that shows up.

Again, this is because every one else is relaxing. Exams just finished and they want to unwind and party.

Perfect time to get a head start and beat the shit out of them all :smiling_imp:

Hung out with couple of my friends last night, they were drunk and one had broke up with his gf so he wasn’t feeling too good. I can’t live that lifestyle though; they were talking about the parties in our college and stuff. I won’t go to detail because some of the stuff they do there like drugs aren’t something that I’d want to post here :laughing: anyways I left a bit early cause I wanted to sleep and push myself to get up early today. Happy I did it.

Well today I’ll organize my room, get rid of last years books and work on my writing skills. Also my friends asked if we could go out so yeah I’d probably go out with them as well.

I am obsessed with being great. Because God wants me to be great. So I can glorify HIS name more. Not my glory. BUT HIS.

I am more obsessed than you.

10 days left


also though, need to stay humble
never act too high and might cause tomorrow I may fall down on my face.

I like this quote : Humble enough to know I can be replaced, confident enough to know that it will be a downgrade

vincit qui se vincit


Grateful to meet you all in this forum! My another family :heart:!


Flame On !! :fire:



Day 36/45


What it means is this, in case you don’t know.
The lion is not the strongest in the jungle. That’s the elephant.
The lion is not the tallest in the jungle. That’s the giraffe.
The lion is not the fastest in the jungle. That’s the cheetah.
The lion is not the smartest in the jungle. That’s the baboon.
Then why is it called the king of the jungle?

Because of the way it walks. The way it carries itself. How it regards other animals.
Lion is the king of the jungle because of it’s attitude, in a sense.

Identity :arrow_right: actions

If you don’t think you’re a winner, you will never win.

Mild rant :
I know the day just began. And I try not to update too often. But just wanted to let the annoyance out. Some bad stuff happened when I came back from the gym today morning. Not very bad, more like annoying. Minor things, but not necessary. F* it. Time to get back to working.

I saw this really great player today, Joshua Kimmich. His mentality is something else. Perhaps he is my new favorite football player (I don’t follow football so I don’t know a lot)


I’ll keep going. I’ll keep growing.
Very important to stay connected with God. I am being little lapse in that of late.

9 days left

heck yeah. Entered single digits.

Also about yesterday : I was correct. I nearly fell yesterday. Only with God’s help I didn’t. Urges were very powerful yesterday, But with God’s help all things are possible.


vincit qui se vincit