Took some bold steps to avoid pmo

I did the following steps to avoid furthur addiction of pmo (porn, masturbatn, orgasm).

i was very addixted to online xams sites…
i wasted energy and money too on them…

now i,ve done this,

1- deleted my online accounts from those sites.
2- temporary blocked my online masterxard which was source of money transfer ( i used that card mostly on these type of site )
3- even removed lock from my room’s door… so i cant have easy atmosphere for watching porn in my room.
4- downloaded blocking softwares in mobile and also laptop.

My addicion is almost once every 3 to 4 days… but everytime i do masturbate… i regret and thinks to not do the same again … this time i have actually taken some bold steps that may help me in future…
lets see how much i can make now…

help and advise from u fellows needed …thanks :slight_smile:


I’m proud of you brother! This is just the first step, but it is definitely a bold one, I imagine it required a lot of willpower.
If you want to go even further, after some days you could start building a new habit(not immediately, you still need to get accustomed to the changes you’ve already made). For example you coul start meditating, or exercising, or learning a new skill, writing a diary, reading…
Just pick one habit and do your best to follow it consistently.
Habits have the power to change our lives.
I hope that my suggestion will help you :wink: