Together we can achieve more join me to stay motivated 😊

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Why I want a companion - * ( to motivate me or to achieve those challenges more effectively )


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Why I want a companion - to motivate myself and help others if I can


All the best and never give up man :man:


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Why I want a companion - * ( to motivate me and challenge me or to achieve those challenges more effectively )


Woooow , I’m a girl too minnie I like your name and i’ m very excited after reading your post …
My sharing code : lmbhdu
I try to add you but there are something wrong can you please update your sharing code

We will be together , don’t give up


Sure, I am so glad that more women are into this challenge. I will try to add u :heart_eyes:


:large_orange_diamond:Remember, perspective can cause two people to look at the same thing and see two totally different things.🤷

For some people having too much masturbating and having casual relation is like life’s happiness. some chose them to take revenge , and some others justifies it as " come on grow up , everybody does this- why are u being so odd :pensive:
:shield:But what I want is when I look back ,when I get old I must be proud of myself that I have preserved all my energy and built those empire in order to live peacefully and still to stay young , enthusiastic from inside, not being burden to others.

:four_leaf_clover::star:I have started meditation and my favourite app is “evolve” it has got a rare offering whenever I get distracted I take a short meditation and i’m back to my :open_book::sunglasses:


If you are into meditation I guess you will enjoy yoga too. I’m using an app called “track yoga”. It’s really comforting and it offers nice yoga excercises for beginners and also for advanced users.
I love the way you end the routines with the app, with a little bit of mindful meditation.


Mediocre people, mediocre thinking.

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And the most annoying part is we cant convince them instead they will make as feel as if we haven’t seen the world else we are of reserved type , trying to follow just the society norms. :expressionless:
I have an ample of experiences to share regarding this topic which I haven’t shared in any social media or anywhere.


No need. Go your own way. Look after yourself


Downloaded the app, thank you😊

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Why I want a Companion - To Learn from Each other and motivate Each other when We want a Push… Share each other Experiences for Growth

I am Going to Add you Sister :slightly_smiling_face: @Minnie


You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help :grin:


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Stay strong. We have your back.

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I need help guys I need motivation, we can even use some of these companion notification apps to help stop urges. I am too young and I NEED help from someone.

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What does it mean… What you want to say in this group? :thinking: Does you mean A girl shouldn’t fight this addiction @raushan? :smirk:

Sorry if my post have offended anyone. I might have used strong language. But just wanted to say that girl shouldn’t pretend that they are facing the exact same problem as boys. Especially to sex both are wired differently. Given the testosterone hormone which makes a guy always want to have sex it changes the equation. But i don’t wanna discuss further on this so I won’t reply further. It’s fine if my post has been marked hidden/deleted.


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Why I want a companion - I don’t really have a reason.