Today's challenge to me

I almost had a full relapse, i started searching and I saw hentai images,i was starting to loose control, when I entered the site to really read and see hentai, thank God I controlled myself and exit the tabs. I am still feeling bad because I almost lost my (no porn) progress. But thanks to god I didn’t lost this time.


My son, you will make it. You really were a warrior and you didn’t give in to it. You motivate me to believe that it is possible to win. A big hug, my dear friend. Be well. Your joy makes us happy. How nice to have you in this winning army. :heart::prince::grinning::hugs::trophy::up:


Thank tou for the gentle words my friend

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Keep moving forward.
In a year from now you’ll thank yourself.

It requires strength to stop yourself like that.
It’s really success that you made it and it is inspiring, thank you for that!
Stay strong!