Today was a hard day

Today was my day 1 of no porn no masturbation. However yesterday I fucked up bad. My wife and me had engaged in intercourse last night and after all was said and done she wanted to go again. She didn’t know that my addiction caused me to ejaculate 3 times throughout the day. So when she wanted to go again I couldn’t get it up. Fast forward to today and I thought it was finally time to tell her about this addiction because I didn’t want to think she was the issue. That I found her unattractive and stuff to that nature. However I have never told anyone about this issue and was very nervous about telling her. She had her suspicions about it which doesn’t surprise me, but now it seems that after everything thats happened she is no longer going to be with me anymore. I knew it was a bad idea to tell her and i wish i didn’t, but I have tried throughout the entire year to give up porn and masturbation. I thought the support of my wife would give me the extra kick to finally do it. Well I suppose it did give me the kick I needed because I will NEVER look at porn again. While porn isn’t the issue I know i am but because of my fucked up behavior I possibly ruined my marriage for the rest of time. It’s breaking my heart and I just love that women so much. I wish she could understand that this issue has been around since I was 16. That I honestly never even thought about it being an addiction till i realized one day that I was experiencing similar symptoms of withdrawals. As a former alcoholic I’m aware of what those symptoms feel like. I did research and found out it was a thing. At first I ignored it but then i just wanted to give it up and thought it would be easy to do so. I was completely wrong and now after the damage has been done the want to look at porn or even masturbate without it makes me nauseous. I fucked up my life for the rest of my life and I just don’t know what to do now.


Now we climb out of hell brother. One day at a time🍻

Brother feeling sorry for you. But i am telling you one thing. Just do PMO for 30 days. Anyhow you have to. Then everything will be fine. She will also comeback to you.
You know why…when you have a sense of achievement on your face. The the people will get attracted towards you…
Just do it.

Have you told her about how you have been masturbating since 16? I think having an indepth discussion about porn use could help her understand your situation.
I dont know if you should take my advice though. I’m not the best at talking to people.

Just remember that you are not alone in this struggle.

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