"To You From 365 Days From Now"

“Fear is not evil. It tells you what weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder.”
- Gildarts (Fairytail)

Dec 14

This Day Was Not Bad Not Good Either It Was Okayish And I Think I Waste Many Of My Day Watching YouTube So I’ll Replace It With Some Good Habit Other Than That Everything Is Going Well And Grind Is On That’s All For Today

The Book I Am Reading Currently Is Named Deep Work You Should Definitely Check It Out It’s Really Valuable

With That Being Said

Let’s Keep Moving Forward!!


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Hey guys I am back again so I was kind of depressed and off the track from many days I will i didn’t complete do my routine now I am starting to get back on the track again and I’m going to make 2024 the best year of my life and I will not regretted so let’s goo!!!

Ps: Bruh Why I Left This App This Was A Bad Decision NGL

LET’S gwt it!!!

Day 0/365

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So Just Wanted To Say A New Year Will Begin From Tomorrow And I Am Looking Forward To It

This Year I Cried, I Failed, I Experienced But On Top Of All That…

I Learned Quite A Few Lesson This Year.

This Year I Got On The Path I Really Needed To Be On

TRIED Different Things Failed In Many AND Learned , Got Betrayed

And I Have Realised As A Man No One Will Come To Save You Are The One Who Have To Rise

Even Yout Family Will Not Support You In The Start

But You Have To Keep Going No Matter What No Matter Hoe Many Bad Days You No Matter How Many Times You Think Of Quitting Don’t

Cuz You Will Look Back And Will Be Proud Of Yourself For Not Giving Up

And Yea That’s Preety Much What I Wanted To Say For Today

I Hope Whoever Is Reading This, May This Year Be Greatest Year Of Yout Life

Wishing You Rise In This New Journey

And At Last, As Always…

KEEP MOVING FORWARD LIKE THE LEGEND HIMSELF EREN UZUMAKI!!! ❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥:trophy::trophy::boom::speaking_head::speaking_head:

Ps : This Day Was Epic NGL Fr Lets Begin The Year With Enthusiasm

Day 1/364

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This Day Was Quite Good NGL

All Things Went Smoothly

I Hope This Continuea for whole year

And i was on Pinterest and they trues to ahow me those things but as soon i saw that i quit the app immediately

So my tip for you guys is stay away from social media as much as possible they make you see those intentionally and yeah…



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Just Completed Aot Final Kind Of Depressed, Satisfied, Confused, Amazed

Shit Was So Majestic

And Those Who What Happened In Finale…


(Spoiler Below)

Rest In Peace Ma Boi Eren :dove:
I Kind Of Lost My Both Idols

But What They Taught Me I Will Never Forget…

Keep Moving Forward Even If You Die!!!

Tatake Shizou Wo Sasageyo!!!


This Day All Good

In The Morning I Didn’t Feel Like Working Out But I Still did ( Goggins and hamza will be proud )

And Yea This Day I Self Reflected Some Things And Yea That’s All For Today



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Retain For Gains Or Bust For Lust
The Choice Is Yours :speaking_head::speaking_head::boom::boom::dagger:

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Some Little Urges Today But These Little Temptation Cannot Make Us Fall

We Are All Gonna Make It!!!




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Lol seeing that no 4 got me confused that today is 4 th jan😅

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I Mean Today Was Fine Not That Great Learned A Lot Today Tho

And About PMO…

F**K that Nasty Thing




Preety Unproductive Day Didn’t Study Much

But Readed Good





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Todays Is Day 7

This Is What I Like To Call A Double Edge Sword

The Good Point Is : On This Day Research Has Shown After Holding Yout Seed Your Body Will Have A Testosterone Boost ( That Is Majestic For A Man)

The Bad Point is : This Is The Day Most Guys Will Relpase ( I Was One Of Them)

But Not Anymore I Will Conquer This Day In A Humble Way

I Will athis Update It At Evening And Tell You What Happened Today

I Will Not Lose This Time I IAm Tired Of Losing Again And Again



Until Then Peace


So This Is The Second Journal Of Today

And I Am Glad To Say I Conquered The Day

And Completed One Milestone Of 7 Days

Now I Am Close To My Goal Of 365 Days

let’s Get It


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Nothing Much To Journal Today

Did A Nice Workout

And Anyways…



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Felt A Very Strong Urge…

Sorry Guys…

I Will Return Soon

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After A Longgggggggg… Recovery Period I’m Back Again :dagger::eagle:

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