To those with really long streaks

To those with really long streaks can you give us struggling newbies some good advice and encouragement…

I find myself compromised like most people using this app because I enjoy looking at porn and relieving myself but what I don’t enjoy is feeling crap afterwards and wasting time and potentially wrecking my life feeding this addiction.

In addition my religion kinda frowns on pre- marital sex so I’m stuck on hard mode until I get married… In other words I can’t use ‘pre-marital’ sex as a way of fighting the addiction either…


Check this out @Rebooter81

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Be prepared to change radically as a person, to face disorienting tumult, and to feel as if you are going to die or go crazy. Be prepared to become a much stronger person and to let go of all your current coping mechanisms.

Fapping is your fear-system’s attempt at preserving the status-quo, even if that status quo includes a highly dissatisfying life. Be prepared to let go of it.

On a more everyday note, be aware of your triggers and watch against them, develop new ways of spending your time and energy, and find ways of becoming someone who contributes to others’ lives.



You can do it guys :sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::sparkler:

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Gold comment right here👍🏿


Thank you, @nagate, I am honored :slight_smile:

I am in 154 days on the app. The first 90 days for me was the hardest moment, but I can get trough because of my commitment and a companion who always remind me. I’ve never relapse since downloaded the app in the beginning.

Don’t be too concern about how bad pmo is because no exact research about it, in addition it can make you think “well, doctors say sometimes pmo is normal” so you did it again and again.

So then, I always looking for benefits of stop pmo, what can I produce beside of thinking about pmo, whom can I chit chat, also giving myself rewards of each streak goals such 14,30,60,90,100,200,300,365 for making me live with enthusiasm everyday.

I ever watched movie which says “happiness is front of our eyes. It’s up to us either catch it or not. Like an ice cream in my hands and oh I want eat this and nomnom I eat it. The thing is, don’t ask too much where is the happiness”


That’s was hell of a comment, everything you said is truth. You need to prepare for everything, you’ll get crazy wanted to give up , feel like shit, but after that all there lies happiness.


When you get an urge do pushups or go outside or just meditate. I am on 115 days of nofap hard mode.i wish you luck


Thanks, glad that it’s appreciated :slight_smile:

Controlling thoughts is more difficult than controlling physical actions. It helps to define a clear boundary that you are not going to cross: you will not watch porn or masturbate.
Arousing thoughts may haunt every now and then, and sometimes you may linger on them for a while, but if you don’t escalate, you will eventually get a chance to escape the situation, and every time you do that, you become stronger.


Just posting to keep this thread alive.
@adequatemonty post is pure Gold,
As is @krishvamsi30 in When we get to be Normal?
Thank you :pray:


Yeah some really insightful comments rooted in experience I think or at least hope?
I guess we have all been addicts for a long time and overcoming any addiction is going to be all out war at times but not all the time.
I used to ask myself 'can I even imagine a life without porn ? ( that is to say a life without my coping mechanism )
I’m thinking now will I be able to overcome this addiction? And how willing am I to commit to never viewing porn again? I guess like all of us I’m used to my chemical high every so often and to deny yourself that when it’s so easy and accessible takes not only real determined willpower but it requires that you be single minded about not viewing it. In other words you or I need to be firm in my conviction about not viewing it and not entertain any thought that will lead back down that path. I think maybe those with a strong faith might find it easier to be strict about this for multiple reasons …


Its not a matter of commitment but of understanding.

Hi resurrection Not sure I understand this comment

@greg What is this nonsense? You fooled us.

Your streak is nonsense now. :smirk:


I mean to say… if we understand by self consciousness that a process is causing us damage.
Hence, with this understanding we can live our lives.

We know we cant eat shit because we need fresh food for energy.
Similarly Orgasm is a process of weakening of body & brain.
We dont have to force ourself to a commitment. with understanding alone we can live a better life

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My streak for me is amazing. First I got an amazing girlfriend. Second from watching porn when I was 9 years old. Now I don’t and Ive changed completely. There’s easy mode right? If you think encouraging young no fapers to start with hard mode or monk mode. You will see them fail over and over again. I personally will start no masturbation also. But porn is out of my life. And I don’t even get attracted to pictures at all. For me that’s amazing. No fap is not only will power. Its also changing your lifestyle.