To those who have long streaks

Getting a long streak is extremely difficult for me.

How long does it take to end this addiction?

What did you do to motivate yourself?

I have seen a question about what is life like without PMO and for many its a better life.

My life however would remain the same regardless of removing PMO. Single, lives with parents, no understanding of how to attract women.

Also how do you learn from your mistakes and what keeps you going?

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I don’t know if this addiction ever ends… It’ll be an option every day we’re alive. We just have to fight it.
To motivate myself: After I found out it was a sin in my religion I was pretty motivated to stop, but I was kind of stuck in chaser for a while.
If you want something to change in your life, you have to change it. I could say I’m always gonna live with my parents, single, and never attract a guy who’s not a deadbeat but I won’t, because I won’t put myself down like that and ruin my hopes and dreams. You need to make some for yourself. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What do you want to be doing?


No one really knows, but it’s very long indeed

That’s what she said!

Picked up unnecessary rivalry with others here and started a secret organization within the app to destroy the other person

In my case not very different, i live with my parents but have a girlfriend, but less acne

Always, that’s what mistakes are for. What keeps me going is my need to destroy my rival. Plus I don’t want acne again


Truth is you have to want it bad enough
you have to want to be free of this
you have to understand that your making a choice to say no to pleasure
form your hands- from videos- from sex stories- from any type of thing that gives you that high and pleasure.

you have to look in the mirror and really want it that’s why there are people who fail all the time and say the same sob story all the time
you have to know why you’re doing this
where do you see yourself in 1 year from now or 5 or 10
I had to give up porn cus truth be told Porn made me a bitch and i did not like that
i was weak
no energy
too shy to talk to girls and unconfident
I want to be myself and free
Im in control over my emotions im the captain now
just cus i feel horny dont mean i MUST act on these feelings
If you dont have no goal no purpose behind the things that you do or no dream or no ambition you might find that your a slave to a lot of things.

but that’s a decision you going to have to make; Perhaps freedom isnt for everyone. There are those who fall in love with being a slave and the so-called pleasure it brings

Life is what you make of it. I decided I’m going to start living now

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change your mindset that nothing will change

That’s the first u need to change and long streaks are no magic willpower but systems

Systems and habits that you’ll need to learn so start researching and gather and apply the ones that work for you

one more thing this is not a straight path you will fall many times but the whole point is to learn and get back up so get used to failing at this at times it’s ok to fall but it’s not ok to stay there

And time u say well it might take a few years Max not more than that I am sure but depends on your momentum if everytime you fail and take long time to get back the courage to start again well then it will just prolong this process so keep your fails to minimum and if you relapse get back to reboot again as soon as possible

if i dont respond to your comment
Im not here
but @ChristianMan and @DarkViolin are good people

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heya :wink:

  • regarding the duration:
    if you count consider that PMO is an addiction (it is the similar to drugs etc.) there is always a risk of relapse and you have to take that into account like @nofapstar123 @GOVIND-19 @DarkViolin @totto_rewire pointed out. you do not end it you find ways that are easier to deal with it and at some point you might feel like it is automatic that will mean that the habbits you accumulated take no effort anymore and than you maybe consider yourself mostly free off it :slight_smile:

  • regarding motivation:
    there are many motivation models as @UntiltheEnd said

  1. “your goal” you need to know:

    why do you want to quit?

  2. "your path"you have to ask yourself:

How do you want to quit
as @totto_rewire posted there are many methods/system you have to understand and adjust in order to quit :wink: it can be a lengthy proccess.

  1. "your equipment"than you need to make a plan:

    What action steps do i have to take to achieve the set goal in the set manner? is time for action and, remeber 1-3 and keep readjusting
    → every experience you make on your journey can be essentail to getting out of PMO. As long as you are processing them and capitalize on them.

the goal setting methodology is from Simon Sinek

@UntiltheEnd used tough words but he is rigth that you have to actually want to get better

My personal impretion off your situation (only click, if you care):

you maybe feel this way this si my perception of the posts i ahve seen fromo you up until now this is in no way how you really are just what little i interpret in your behaviour maybe you are completly diffrent from this so do not take this to heart this just might be worthwile information how a stranger perceives you so you cna reflect on it and see you situation from another perspective
read with care
i am beeing direct here
if this harms you in anyway pls flag the post or message me i will isntantly take it back.
. i hope this helps you:
you are stuck in a horrible situation
you are depressed by your future and you perspectives
you do not see any options
you feel hopeless
you feel worthless
you feel lonely
you feel weak

you are overwhelmed by your situation
you do not really have many people to talk about all of your problems

you desperatly want connection
you desperatly want to be seen
you desperatly want to be independant
you want to feel empowered

you have a vague idea of what to do but you do not really know how and where to start.
also you might be afraid of the pain that changing youe circumstances might bring.
you maybe want to avoid confrontation with you parents or the world in general for it is difficult and you have made negative experiences and learned that it does not always work out even when you try.
i think you need a lot of selflove and care…
you are in pain and see little to no gain
maybe you want someone from outside to come and help you fix it
well you ahve right companions for that as long as you put in the energy you will definetly succeed
this fatalism of yours might be a protective mechanism to avoid pain that traumatised you in some way but at the same time ti keeps you in a constant situation of a little pain and pressure that might keep building up until you can not do anything else but change
i recomend that you either read or listen to “The Easy Peasy” you might get a new perspective on your situation regarding PMO


i really hope that i did not over extend but i ahve been projecting a lot of me at the beginning of my struggles into you. i in that situation would ahve wanted to hear that even though it might ahve been painfull

thank you for reading
you are worthy
and live will get better as lond as you wish it


Other member from the secret organization fucked up real bad, maybe he wasn’t as dedicated as you to destroy the rival.
But still Hail hydra! :smiling_imp:
I am gonna be back, no more disappointments now


Once a part of Hydra, always a part of Hydra. You cut one head, two more will take it’s place. Soo. Hydra will grow and take over the app​:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Ps: never been disappointed with you, never

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Motivation is temporary treatment. Find the perfect solution for your questions… make a proper vision what you want in your life…
Motivation helps only like a booster. But consistency is the real fuel.

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short and juicy great stuff @_TIGER

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